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[Electronica] Dads – Life, Oh Life (Jonathan Boulet Remix)

I’m almost positive that this song is the soundtrack to every single one of my dreams… It consists of elegant echoing vocals, along with perfectly upbeat tempos from multiple instruments and synths.  The build up right at the last minute will pull you in, and keep you feeling good long after the song is over.  Jonathan Boulet is an extraordinary musician; he writes music, plays a massive number of instruments, and produces as well.  The guy simply understands music, and this song is a perfect example.  Give it a listen and just try not hitting repeat.

’Dads: Oh Life Oh (Jonathan Boulet Remix)’
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[Soul] Bobby Womack – Stupid (w/ Intro by Gil Scott-Heron)

“He came on television and told everyone that he had seen God… So I stopped channel surfing immediately.”  Gil Scott-Heron’s words have always sparked both curiosity and entertainment for me; his introduction on Bobby Womack’s song “Stupid” off of his latest album The Bravest Man In The Universe is no different.  The two are so influential in the music and art worlds that having them together on one work seems almost imaginary.  The lyrics of both men provide imagery, enlightenment, and a necessary questioning of the world around us.  The album takes soul into a new realm, meshing it with today’s electronic music.  I was unsure about how the result would sound at first, but a quick listen got rid of any doubts.  It’s emotional, powerful, and true to the legacy of Bobby Womack.  Give “Stupid” a listen, and check out the entire album at his site.

’Bobby Womack
Stupid (With Intro .Feat Gil Scott
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[Indie] Way Yes – Important

“Important” by Way Yes is the type of track that can refresh you in the summer heat.  Whether you are at the beach, driving with the windows down, or just relaxing outside this track is the epitome of summer.  Complete with echoing vocals asking a simple question, “What is so important?” the tune gradually builds into a vibrant and upbeat song.  Way Yes is an intriguing trio out of Columbus, with a distinct sound and happy melodies.  Their most recent album Walkability can be picked up off of Lefes Records, featuring this lovable song.

’Way Yes, Important’
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[Experimental] Eaves – Bemidji

Eaves is a 17 year old producer out of Los Angeles, California creating beautifully original art.  He has managed to turn experimental electronic music into an international, serene landscape, allowing the listener to drift along.  His debut EP Hiking Trails experiments with the different sounds of nature, people, and the electronic genre itself.  The meshing together of what might normally be tossed aside as everyday noise with a deliberate musical direction truly shows the broad range of music today.  The entire EP, as well as another gorgeous creation “Meadows” are free for download on his Soundcloud page.  Sit back, take a break, and simply enjoy the songs.

’Eaves – hiking trails – bemidji’


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[Chill] ANGO – True Blue (Prod. by Jacques Greene)

Smooth is the first word that comes to mind when this track plays.  A calming beat in the background accompanied by amazing vocals from ANGO, the song takes the concept of romance in music to a whole new level.  A singer and producer out of Montreal, ANGO showcases his abilities on the vocal side to a beautiful extent.  He just recently decided to step out of the collaboration world and pursue his own EP, coming out with Another City Now, an amazing piece of work utilizing flavors of R&B along with more modern synths and beats.  You can pick up the EP off of iTunes.

’ANGO – True Blue (Prod. by Jacques Greene)’
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[Electronica] The Submarines – 1940 (Amp Live Remix)

One of my favorite songs to cruise in the car to, Amp Live’s take on The Submarine’s “1940” experiments with hip hop and an all around chill attitude.  It is simply one of those tracks where words do not do it justice, so I am forced to stick with “really, really good”.  The original song is powerful, yet slow in tempo; Amp Live speeds up the pace to turn it into an extraordinary beat.  While you may recognize Amp Live most as half of the hip hop group Zion I, he has truly taken off as a producer with a different style for music as well as an interesting choice for which songs he remixes.  Personally, I cannot wait to see what songs he remixes next, because more tracks along these lines will only improve my car rides.

’The Submarines – 1940 (Amp Live Remix)’
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[Chill] Kitten – Cut It Out (Kastle Remix)

A beautiful work of musical art comes to us from DJ/Producer Kastle, hailing from San Francisco, CA.  He takes the concept of bass-heavy music and tweaks it with his own soulful style.  A true master of his craft, Barrett Richards (going under the moniker Kastle) began working with electronic music at age 14, giving him 14 years of experience to date.  His work meshes the styles of hip-hop, R&B, and dubstep music to form one unified, angelic sound.

The most recent track to be perfected by Kastle is “Cut It Out” by Kitten.  Not yet released, but still receiving favorable compliments from around the blogosphere, the song exemplifies his work to the fullest.  Alluring vocals accompanied by up-tempo drumbeats, bass and a simple guitar riff showcase what the producer can create.  Take the time to check out his other works, as many of them can be downloaded for free off of his site.

’Kitten – Cut It Out (Kastle Remix)’
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