Before we start talking about music, The Music Ninja needs your help!!

One of our loyal contributors @leonardofarias has a Brazilian Podcast called “Alienigenas Na Americas” that literally translates to “Aliens in America” where they talk about the American Culture from a Brazilian Perspective. They are currently in a popularity contest against all the other podcasts in Brazil and I promised him I could get him more votes!!

vote-nowPlease help us! It will only take you 2 seconds to vote as no Personal Information is required.

1) Follow this link:
2) Once redirected click on another Green Button to start voting.
3) Select “Estados Unidos” (United States are your location)…
4) Vote and your Done 🙂

and Lastly, but purely optional
5) Get naked and run around your neighborhood screaming “I like cheese!!”.


For helping us vote for Alienigenas Na Americas, here are a couple of the tracks played as Intro and Outro to their podcats.

[Download] Chiddy Bang – Kids (Feat. MGMT)

’Chiddy Bang – Kids (Feat. MGMT).mp3′

MGMT’s Kids is a song I consider to be one of the most over-sampled songs of this year (honorable mentions go to Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream) Its simple melodies blended well with almost anything you threw at it. Such ease to simply layer another track on top of the beat with above mediocre results created an inflation of remixes that I soon got way too tired of listening. Maybe its been quite a while since I last heard a Kids remix or the fact that I am a sucker for hip/hop vocals with electronic beats but Chiddy Bang’s take on Kids is really something worth listening to. Instead of slowing down and matching the tempo of Kids to another track, they have added spaces between the actual notes to accommodate for the slower Hip/Hop rhythm in the background. And this to me makes all the difference.

A simple electronic remix of with heavier baselines accentuating the original track and respectful enough to tone it down when they are not needed. Check out more of Dj Slinks remixes here:

[Download] Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (Dj Slink and DJ Whatt Remix)

’Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (Dj Slink Remix).mp3′

[Download] LMAO – La-La-La (Beatards-Remix)


Again, another song thats popularity and overplayed factor got the better of me. Amazed the first time I heard the original and Barletta’s remix, I got a feeling has been taken off my playlist.. until now. This fun samba remix is incredibly refreshing. One of the best mash-ups songs I have heard all year. Thiago Correa is a Brazilian Dj known for adding a splash of samba to his all his songs. Another favorite of mine is his remix of Knock Em Out – Lily Allen .

[Download] I Got A Feeling (Thiago Correa Remix)


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