I’ll be honest. I had never heard Of Azad Right. But one verse into his newly released Better Days and it made me re-appreciate underground hip-hop, proving once again mainstream is for the chumps. “I ain’t religious, so they say I got no faith, but I believe in myself, so it’s okay,” could possibly be my favorite lyric so far in 2012. The rest of the track doesn’t fade away, making a statement that this LA-based rapper might be on his way to much bigger and better things.

If you live in Los Angeles or nearby, you can catch Azad Right February 10th at the Heyworth Theatre downtown. Check out his website for all new music and other
tour dates at AzadRight.com or follow him on Twitter @AzadRight.

Azad Right – Better Days (Prod. by Jonathan Marquez)

’Better Days (Prod. by Jonathan Marquez).mp3′
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