Bad Suns
Transpose (Leo Kalyan Remix)

Looking back, we first stumbled across Bad Suns all the way back in 2013. Now, with both an EP and LP out, a few tours under their belt, and plenty of radio play, it’s easy to understand how they hit such an incredible trajectory so early in their career. One of the songs that helped them get to this point is “Transpose,” which boasts the band’s affinity for post-punk sounds.

Today, we have a fresh, new look at this widely revered song, as remixer Leo Kalyan steps in to provide a new perspective. Downtempo in nature, this remix parallels frontman Christo Barrow’s haunting vocals, featuring echoing atmospheric elements, a slow, sultry beat, and some harpsichord-style synths. At times, we’re brought into the intensity from the original, yet the calming instrumentals continually provide the unique take Kalyan took to it.

This remix is officially out today and is offered up as a free download.

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