Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway
Wizard (Radio Edit)

There was a point in time where you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “Animals.” Easily the EDM anthem of 2013, Martin Garrix’s fame was born as soon as the label finally released who was behind that legendary track. Now that the onslaught of remixes and bootlegs have died down, we’re once again prepping ourselves for some more addoration for this 17 year old superstar.

Teaming up with fellow beatsmith Jay Hardway, the two have just unleashed “Wizard,” about an hour ago. In a tune that Dumbledore himself would give a bearded nod to, we’re instantly hooked with the intricate layers of electro house synths that walk up to a enourmous build. In a somewhat similar drop to “Animals,” we feel the need to dance to the simplistic drum style melody that flirts back and forth with the gigantic bass hits.

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