EMERGENCY! The one and only NYC-based, Henry Steinway, aka Clockwork, has once again graced the EDM scene with yet another bangin’ remix from his praised arsenal, this time of Steve Aoki’s January dance tune, ‘Emergency.’ Appropriately categorizing the track as ‘Arena Rock’, Clockwork ‘to hells’ with most of the elements which made the original so.. not amazing (like the peppering of Lil Jon’s air-horn vocals every other second) and adds a unique, horny bass line that chugs in to a MONSTER of a drop. Wallflowers, be gone!

This track is a serious breath of fresh, audible air and will be available for purchase July 10th on Dim Mak Records.

’Emergency (Clockwork Remix)
Steve Aoki Ft. Lil Jon & Chiddy Bang’
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