Today we bring you some down south flows remixed by one of dubstep’s hottest upcoming acts. Thugstep, crunkstep or whatever you want to call it just sounds good to the eardrums sometimes with the natural swagger of both genres mixing together perfectly. Memphis, Tennessee’s Three 6 Mafia are one of the most beloved crunk rap groups of all time with their outrageous personas and bone-crushing lyricism. In a brand new remix that seems effortless yet incredibly heavy, Santa Barbara producers Candyland take the smash single “Stay Fly” and push it into powerful new directions. Candyland’s production chops shine with vocal bends, crushing bass hits and rave sirens that bring to mind the style of Skrillex and Noisia, but with a proper gangsta lean. So throw this track on in your Cadillac, sip some sizzurp and stay fly tonight.

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