Benjamin Clementine
I Won't Complain

Every once in awhile I’ll receive something in my inbox that’ll completely blow me away. Most of the time I’ve begun to realize, the artists responsible hail from the streets of London. I don’t know what it is that they have in the water over there, but The Brits are churning out amazing acts left and right. Benjamin Clementine is yet another name to add to that lucrative list with his masterful single, “I Won’t Complain.”

“I Won’t Complain” is a relatively simple track when you break it down to its basics: just a piano and some vocals. Clementine is able to make use of those tools expertly however, pouring his soul out over flurrying keys to produce a powerful ballad that’s both raw and evocative. The UK crooner walks us through a whirlwind of emotions on the buildup to the powerful chorus, where he vows not to take any grievance in his unfortunate circumstances, and appreciate the world for what it is. Peaceful and enlightening, this single makes for perfect listening around this time of year, with winter right around the corner.

This is just a preview of what Clementine has to offer before his Cornerstone EP arrives in January. For more from the artist, make sure to check out his official SoundCloud page, as well as a spectacular live performance of some of his other songs below.

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Benjamin Clementine