Personally, I go through a lot of mixtapes that find their way onto my inbox and to be fair, almost all of them are good. But are they amazing? Its 2010 and there is enough software out there to make anyone a fair DJ. The truth is that electro mixtapes are not meant to just be a simple collection of songs mashed together. They should be looked at as a prolonged roller coaster ride with enough drops and surprises to keep you going but still give you time to catch a breath.

Movies apply the same concept. How is a person able to actually sit still for 2 hours and watch Inglorious Bastards? Simple: Because Tarantino keeps you on your toes deliberately extending the suspense of a scene to make the climax all that more rewarding. The beauty of a mixtape is in its ups and downs and the ability to keep your attention throughout 30-60 minutes. The correct term for describing what I want in a mixtape is for it to be dynamic. It is a simple formula: I want to be hyped up, I want to enjoy a nice electronic melody, I want relax for a bit and then when i least expect it, I want my ears to bleed after an insane electronic build up that bangs my ears senseless. And I want to feel all these emotions in rotation for x amount of times. Is that asking too much? I do not want to simply hear one good song after another.

Black Noise delivers and goes beyond satisfying all my dirty electro needs. For those 60 minutes my ears became their bitch… and I liked it!

So here it is:

’Black Noise Back With 2010 Mixtape’


Track List:

1 ‘The Rusty Pig’ Joe And Will Ask? Gulp Communications / IODA
1.1 ‘Restless’ (Julio Bahmore remix) Buraka Som Sistema Fabric Integral
1.2 ‘Hurtful’ (ZDS No Song edit) ErikHassle Island records
2 ‘Anyway’ (Black Noise unofficial bassline mix) Duck Sauce


3 ‘5 AM (A Girl Like You)’ (Black Noise remix) Tommie Sunshine Ultra
4 ‘Bhanga’ (Dan Aux remix) Two Fresh Klub Kids, Aus
5 ‘Selling Jesus’ (Riva Starr dub mix) skunk anansie One Little Indian
5.1 ‘Club Action’ acapella Yo Majesty
6 ‘Blau!’ (LA Riots remix) Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer Fools Gold
7 ‘Jack Track’ (Black Noise VIP remix) Tonka Southern Fried

8 ‘Bus Dis’ (Lee Mortimer remix) Eddi Zanetti & Jackinori
8.1 ‘Pressure Point’ acapella Nick Thayer & Sportyo Passenger

9 ‘Elephant 1234’ The Count and Sinden Domino
9.1 ‘Me Plus You’ acapella Black Noise feat. Wizard Sleeve Southern Fried
10 ‘Just Kill A Man’ Last Japan Southern Fried
11 ‘Riverside (Let’s Go!)’ (Black Noise remix) Sidney Samson & Wizard Sleeve Data
11.1 ‘Me Plus You’ acapella Black Noise feat. Wizard Sleeve Southern Fried
12 ‘Blau!’ (Doorly remix) Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer Fools Gold
12.1 ‘Tell Me You Love It’ acapella Aquasky & Blu Rum 13 Passenger
13 ‘Knock You Out’ (Kik the break VIP) Black Noise Southern Fried

14 ‘Comin on strong (Feel the rhythm)’ (Black Noise remix) Rhythm Section RSR
15 ‘Bus Dis’ (Aspin & Dipace remix) Eddi Zanetti & Jackinori
16 ‘Dirty Cash’ (Tom Piper & Nom De Strip remix) Dizzee Rascal
17 ‘Dwarfs’ (Sharkslayer remix) Malente & Jay Robinson Southern Fried
18 ‘Reach For Lasers’ Nick Thayer Passenger
19 ‘Outta Control’ Aquasky feat. Sporty-O Passenger
20 ‘Turn That Shit Up’ Tom Stephen Southern Fried
21 ‘Dirty Balloon’ (Tom Piper & Nom De Strip remix) Rishi Bass & Melly Mel Made in NL
22 ‘Flapjack’ Nom De Strip Bombsquad
23 ‘Could This Be Real’ (extended mix) Sub Focus Ram
24 ‘What A Bass’ Malente Jay Robinson Southern Fried
25 ‘Jungle Iz Em’ (‘take me away’ VIP) Black Noise Southern Fried
26 ‘Hit The Club’ (Mighty Fools remix) Will Bailey Simma records
27 ‘Without You’ Nom De Strip Bombsquad

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