Bobby Nourmand
The Sound
Mrs. Robinson: Benjamin, I am not trying to seduce you.
Benjamin: I know that, but please, Mrs. Robinson, this is difficult…
Mrs. Robinson: Would you like me to seduce you?
Benjamin: What?
Mrs. Robinson: Is that what you’re trying to tell me?
Benjamin: I’m going home now. I apologize for what I said. I hope you can forget it, but I’m going home right now.

We’re right there with Bobby Nourmand. We think that every dance-music-loving youngster should know the timeless classics, including “The Sound of Silence,” by Simon and Garfunkle, and the movie The Graduate. So, instead of just limiting this post to talks about the haunting, chilling, and ominous vocals laid over light, dripping synths and cavernous bass hits, we’re going to include a little bit history as well.

Paying homage to historical tunes is no new thing for this Angelino. Just last month, Nourmand dropped a tribute to The Doors on Jim Morrison’s birthday, and today he’s focusing in on the legendary tune from Simon and Garfunkle’s debut album, Wednesday Morning, 3AM.

Obviously well known for its inclusion in The Graduate (which wasn’t actually supposed to happen), this tune has transcended generations through its inclusion in not only the previously mentioned film, but also Kingpin and Old School. In fact, some of you may remember it as a part of some inner reflections from Gob on Arrested Development.

Now, “The Sound of Silence” is being brought into the 2015 with a dark, deep house vibe, thanks to this up-and-coming producer. The vocals and heavily treated sampled fingerpicking carry a foreboding feeling, ultimately leading us to a driving beat, sidechained with a hi-hat hit for extra emphasis. The end result: something we’re aching to hear at an underground warehouse party early in the morning. With this being a free download, it’s something we fully expect this weekend.

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