Boogie Vice
The Jibe

Today we share with you the first glimpse of “The Jibe,” a single by Boogie Vice. Due out on June 19th through No Definition, this song will be a part of the French artist’s LEEROY EP. Boogie Vice has just recently started to unfold the EP out, and one more song will come before the full EP release.

“The Jibe” is too cool for school. For nearly four minutes we get a steady flow of classy beats that get better and better as time passes. Club DJs every where should be all over this, as it sets the perfect tone for those late nights when the groove needs to be kept up. Even simply kicking back and listening to the bubbly production is a joyous occasion that might just get you on your feet and gigging. Be there when this drops with the rest of the LEEROY EP.

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