Yea it’s this song again, but this time Revolvr takes it to a completely new level. Dropping hands down the funniest samples I’ve heard in a Bootleg or Remix. With lines such as, “Oh my god it’s this fucking song again”, “At least its not Avicii’s Levels”, and “Wait you want me to play Hip-Hop? Fuck You”. The first time listening when he dropped the Facebook Chat sound, I instantly checked my Facebook like three times to figure what was going on. The first drop stays true to orignal with subtle vocal edits. The second drop on the other hand Revolvr reworks it to absolute perfection chopping and splicing it at all the right times. Can’t wait to hear this one dropped live, I’m sure it will be in plenty of sets to come. Cheers.

You Blocked me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Skype, GMail, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Soundcloud, and Facebook…and NOW YOUR GOING TO DIE. 

This Bootleg is free by clicking Buy, and liking Revolvr on Facebook.

’Knife Party – Internet Friends (Revolvr Bootleg) (Free Download)’
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