Super cliche to say this but once again Christmas came early and its name is “David Guetta – TITANIUM (CAZZETTE’s Ant Seeking Hamster Mix)”. David Guetta released his Titanium Remixes EP exclusively on beatport yesterday, November 21st and just a few hours after midnight, there has been a new addition from no one other than the master dubstep-bass-head CAZZETTE. David pushed to add this last minute but whether it was an accident or not, we like to think he was saving the best for last.

Dubstep has evolved tenfold this year, from its continues growth all over the world, to even James Blake bashing “American Brostep” and all that followed. Yet no one has been more consistent with massive after massive release then Sweden’s dubstep dj/producer Cazzette, who rose to fame and recognition having just released a handful of tracks. Pure talent and pure dubstep. Get this off beatport right now.

Beatport: David Guetta ft. Sia – TITANIUM (CAZZETTE’s Ant Seeking Hamster Mix)


Also check out Alleso’s Big Room Mix (much softer in comparison):
David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium (Alesso Remix)

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