You Got It Wrong (Radio Edit)

Castell of Sweden has brought a big record to the table by way of “You Got It Wrong.” This single is not your average dance track, especially for one that is getting radio play. It has that commercial poppy tone, but it’s not over-the-top, and with the breakbeat style of the drops, it’s not typically what you’d expect to hear blasting out of your radio.

The style of “You Got It Wrong” takes from the good parts of big room and progressive, sporting intriguing melodies that captivate the ear. One thing that really sticks out to us in this song is the vocal performance. It’s got everything you need for a hit record, so Castell is starting his new alias off right. Expect much more to come as the Castell project is unraveled this year. More records like this one could have him making his way to the top of the commercial dance world.

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