California Wives delivers some high energy indie rock for you with this preview; be one of the first to check out this up and coming band!

“Purple” opens with bouncy top shelf drums and shingles, accompanied by an electric guitar strumming along. The lead vocalist sings over the bubbly din just enough to give it a basic lyrical direction but is notably minimalist, allowing for the listener to focus on the proficient instrumentals.

“Marianne” contains a wink and a nod to the 1980’s, using a Springsteenesque bell chime that rings out the central melody over the rhythm guitar. Similar to “Purple,” the vocals are minimal and simple, floating over a bouncy and high energy indie tune.

The net effect of both songs is joyful and makes you want to jump in place, grinning like a seven year old. Well, you know. As long as no one you knows sees you!

Enjoy here–

’California Wives – Purple’
’California Wives – Marianne’
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