Whether or not you are alive to listen to this post, be prepared for a devastating force, that more specifically will come from your subwoofer.

It is said that the powerful and immortal being, Captain PANIC, came to earth to rid humanity of corruptions, but upon further review, humanity itself was deemed beyond saving. To add insult to injury, the discovery of dubstep filled him with endless rage, destroying everything in his path (And I can’t really blame him as I myself have reached a level of exhaustion with the genre). However, a heroic duo comprised of Andrew McKay and Michael Myers fought Captain PANIC with he power of heavy bass music, ridding he evil force from ever causing more harm.

It is not important whether or not one chooses to believe this story, but after going through the sophisticated production contained in their latest EP release ‘The Invasion’, it’s apparent that this Los Angeles duo do poses the a rare power.

The Invasion sets off with a dark and malevolent first track, almost echoing the darkness of a Figure production but with a much seductive grind. The first two track seem to provide a preview of what to expect. We have listened to many hard and aggressive compilations from upcoming producers that turn up the heat on every subsequent track. But after ‘Vacuum’ kicks in, my respect for Captain Panic! increased tenfold. A soft and purely melodic ballad that lays off the wobbles to let the listener breath, showcasing their ability to provide a certain balance amongst perceived chaos. The tracks that follow, especially ‘The Observer Redux’ opens the musical spectrum of this release even wider with long delicate strings laid over a simplistic but effective baseline that doses off into a galactic ride of space and time.

Soon, however, we are brought back into planet earth with familiar structures of throbbing basslines and retro synths with the track ‘Insane in The Mainframe’. There is a surprising amount of quality production on all the different types of track and it makes ‘The Invasion’, unlike its very name, not seem intrusive.

We our proud to be premiering Captain Panic! latest release and even prouder to bring you guys the completely free download.


’Captain Panic! – Invasion’

’Gigantic Malfunctions’

’Captain Panic! – Vacuum (feat. Phantasma)’

’Captain Panic! – Dark Energy’

’Captain Panic! – The Observer Redux’

’Captain Panic! – Dark Matter’

’Captain Panic! – Intergalactic’

’Captain Panic! – Insane in the Mainframe’

’Captain Panic! – The Harbinger’

’Captain Panic! – The Hive’
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