Carter Fox enchants with his latest release, “Sit Back and Lift Off,” which is now out. Known for his remarkable talent and innovative approach, Fox consistently delivers music that resonates deeply with listeners. His career spans collaborations with icons like Freddie Jackson and Grammy-winning artists, and so many others, showing how far he’s come and where he is going.

Fox’s journey in music began at 15, and since then, he has built an impressive portfolio as a musician, songwriter, and producer. His solo projects have garnered global recognition, achieving millions of streams and topping charts. His recent book, “How to Effectively Release & Promote Your Music as an Independent Artist,” has been well received and a needed tool within the industry.

“Sit Back and Lift Off” is a standout track on the upcoming Lofi & Chill Vol. 3 compilation, set for release on May 3rd by Millennium Jazz Music. The track features soothing piano melodies, complemented by a harmonious blend of drums and bass. Its minimalist arrangement highlights the beauty of musical restraint, creating a warm, inviting groove perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

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