Cash Cash
Surrender (Club Killers Trap Remix)

Club Killers claim to be from Sin City, but we have an overwhelming feeling they’re hailing from the Aloha state. Why’s that you ask? Because Hawaii’s area code is 808, and this collective of bass heads are all about those 808s.

Ok, that was pretty cheesy, but we really couldn’t help ourselves. Now that we have our awkward intro out of the way, we can get to what really matters – this top-notch remix. Taking the glowing, progressive and quite legendary tune from New York-based Cash Cash, Club Killers have sampled out the uplifting vocals and blended them in seamlessly with a melodic trap anthem. It’s bass heavy, yet still maintains the inspiring aura of the original.

No strangers to success, these cats have racked up plays on plays on plays, seeing some tracks in the millions on soundcloud. With one listen through to their interpretation of “Surrender,” we’re sure you’ll figure out why that’s been happening.

This tune is an official remix, out today via Big Beat/Atlantic Records. Aside from finding it there, we’re pretty sure you’ll hear it at Ultra, EDC, Coachella, and every other festival, club, and sub-laden vehicle out there.

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