[Drum and Bass] Feint – Farcall

Andrew Hu, who performs under the moniker Feint, has solidified his status within the drum and bass sector of electronic music as a formidable figure. His career, marked by a series of milestones, has seen him amass a staggering number of streams in the hundreds of millions, while also maintaining a robust monthly listenership on Spotify that nears 770,000. Feint’s influence extends beyond mere numbers; his early collaboration with Monstercat set a precedent, making him one of the pioneering figures in the genre. This collaboration, among others with notable artists like Koven, MUZZ, Fox Stevenson, and Laura Brehm, has not only broadened his sonic horizons but also affirmed his place as a key influencer in drum and bass music.

Feint’s journey is characterized by memorable performances worldwide, including significant festivals and tours in places as far-reaching as China. His musical offerings, which include hits like “We Won’t Be Alone” and “Words,” demonstrate a rare ability to blend emotive melodies with the energetic pace of drum and bass, resonating with a global audience.

His latest endeavor, “Farcall,” represents a pivotal moment in Feint’s career, as it’s only the second time he has chosen to release music independently. This track delves deep into the essence of drum and bass, offering listeners a mix of epic soundscapes and introspective moments, all while showcasing Feint’s technical skill and originality.

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[D’n’B] AVELLO & hypernaut – Take Me There

The release of “Take Me There” by AVELLO and hypernaut is something certainly not be skipped over. This drum and bass track, known for its lively and ethereal qualities, follows the artists’ appearances at EDC Orlando 2023, highlighting a pivotal collaboration that merges their distinct musical talents and visions.

The song distinguishes itself with engaging hooks and vibrant percussion, fostering an atmosphere of optimism and adventure. It skillfully combines drum and bass elements with breaks, enhancing its appeal, particularly with the dynamic intensity of its second drop. The creation of “Take Me There” was the outcome of several productive studio sessions, reflecting a synergistic blend of AVELLO and hypernaut’s creative efforts that aligns with their joint musical direction.

AVELLO has achieved considerable success in his career, with his music receiving support from prominent figures in the industry and being featured on leading labels like Bassrush and Subsidia.

hypernaut, on the other hand, has established a unique path, marked by his victory in the 2023 EDC Orlando Discovery Project and performances with artists including Alesso and San Holo.

The collaboration on “Take Me There” showcases the strengths of AVELLO and hypernaut as individual artists while highlighting the potential of their partnership. It signals an evolving collaboration that is expected to offer more groundbreaking and engaging musical experiences to their audience.

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[Drum & Bass] YMIR x Skylark – Fatal Faith

“Fatal Faith” is the latest single from Montreal’s prodigal creative YMIR who teamed up with France’s equally impressive Skylark. Together they have created one of our favorite drum & bass tracks of the year – one that balances heavy emotions with even heavier bass.

The whole song leading to the drop feels like a beautifully crafted neo-classical anthem, which one might not think really sets the tone for an aggressive drum & bass record, but the two talented producers fluidly format their production so that when opposites collide it’s a perfect concoction. It’s a really unique tune that will get your tears flowing and your body going.

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[Drum & Bass] 4URA & Young Viridii – Yesterday

The South Korean producer 4URA teamed up with the Kansas City creator Young Viridii for “Yesterday” released by No Copyright Sounds. The ever-so bright and uplifting record is just what you need to cure your Winter blues this time of the year for us in the dojo. If you’re in the heat of Summer down South, even better!

“Yesterday” is a vibrant boost of drum & bass energy that will come in handy for any and all of your playlists. With elements of pop and heavy on the synths, this easily accessible jam feels inspired by some classic records in both dance music and gaming giving it a timeless feel. 4URA and Young Viridii are a magnificent match together as two up and coming producers to keep your ears on.

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[Dubstep] Chime – Bring Me Back

Chime has long been one of the most interesting bass producers. With his iconic signature, he’s managed to not only churn out memorable dubstep, but also experiment with new styles and succeed in doing so. With his latest Monstercat release “Bring Me Back” the English creative pushes a new sound he’s deeming “Color Bass.”

And colorful it is! “Bring Me Back” starts off as a unique record showcasing itself as an offshoot of dubstep with wonderfully interesting sounds and melodies. From there Chime evolves the production into a sonic adventure that you need to hear for yourself. Whisking through breaks and frankly some beautiful production, this clean cut crispy hitter is definitely worth a playlist add.

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[Dubstep] Star Monster – Butterscotch Candy EP

If you’re ready to headbang, Star Monster will see you in the dojo now. The up and coming bass producer recently dropped his Butterscotch Candy EP as an independent release packed with four heavy heaters.

Butterscotch Candy shows of Star Monster’s gritty sound that he can take to a variety of styles. Although dubstep takes the lead, Star Monster switches things up throughout the project to give listeners an even more wild ride like with the drum & bass break in the title track. Overall this is a strong project from a producer that’s been steadily gaining traction over the past few years.

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Heily Beatz & Elevatd Drop Remix + Q&A [TMN Interview]

Let’s get a little crazy with a sweet new drum & bass jam from Heily Beatz & Elevatd. These two Chicago acts have come together for an official cut of “5309” originally created by Heily Beatz himself and Morgan Gold.

Heily and Elevatd’s new rendition is as smooth as it gets, making for a must-add to your playlists, even if the energetic breakbeat style isn’t your typical cup of tea. These talented Chicagoans deliver an accessible anthem that almost feels cinematic – certainly something that could be in an intense chase or club scene.

On top of the remix, we caught up with Heily Beatz and Elevatd in the dojo for a quick Q&A about the song and what else we can expect from them as the year begins to close.

TMN: How did you guys come together for the creation of this remix?

It all happened so smoothly and organically. Elevatd and Heily were working together on a different original with Morgan’s vocals. They took a little break and Heily showed Chris 5309’s rough draft and inspiration hit to remix it.

TMN: What is it about drum & bass that inspires you both?

Drum & Bass is a breath of fresh air compared to what all three of us usually work on and perform, and it just felt right to do something different.

TMN: How has being from Chicago shaped your sonic palate?

Chicago has provided endless creative freedom and the diversity that we are around afforded us to feel extensive creative freedom.

TMN: Who are some other artists you both would like to work with?

We all enjoy Whipped Cream. Her relentless bass and stage presence is wild. We would also be amped if we got to work with Micah Martin with him and Morgan Gold singing together. Also, how can we forget to add KAYTRANADA?

TMN: Anything planned for the rest of the year?

We are working on a music video for 5309 with local bagel baker “Totally Bagels” that hopefully will drop in January 2023. It is going to be insane. We also have been cooking up another bass-driven single. The title has something to do with naval warfare or sandwiches.

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