[Dubstep] Black Tiger Sex Machine – Die A God (ft. Wasiu)

Black Tiger Sex Machine are back and looking to take over 2023 in its entirety. Not only have they released the first single from their upcoming album – PORTALS – but they’ve announced their upcoming tour of the same name that will include their brand new motion capture CGI visuals. Judging from their previous live shows, as well as the single “Die A God” featuring Wasiu, this experience will be one-of-a-kind.

For starters, “Die A God” is a fantastically produced track, kicking off the energy right from the start with Wasiu’s bars heating up an already fire breakbeat. From there, BTSM build into a headbanger’s dream with an explosive drop that has already proven itself live thanks to recent show and festivals

It’s sure to hit even harder with the PORTALS show that debuts later this month at Ultra and will subsequently be brought to some great venues including Red Rocks! If you’re near any of the shows, make sure to get your tickets before it’s too late!

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[Electronic] matphilly & SUBshockers – AMP EP

Projects that are homages to loved ones lost always hit home harder. With matphilly‘s collaboration EP AMP, created alongside SUBshockers, that claim holds true. What began as one song to honor his brother who passed away suddenly in July of 2020, this matphilly EP grew into a five track seasonal release that culminated into the EP.

AMP starts with a cinematic introduction that sets the emotional tone for what’s to come. “All I’m Missing In This…it Makes Me Numb” follows suit, journeying from a heartfelt piano composition into a cathartic explosion of bass. From there matphilly and SUBshockers take you on a sonic adventure through different sounds, styles and emotions that showcase just how much matphilly’s brother meant to them, as he was also a great friend to SUBshockers. Overall, it’s a great project that does justice to its aim.

My brother was an important part of my life and losing him out of nowhere really changed the course of my life and mental health. So much so that I was going to quit music but I know he would want me to keep going, so to pay tribute to him, I chose my closest friends in SUBshockers. He knew my brother as well and we channeled our energy to pay tribute to his life and legacy. This is something I want the world to see who never met my brother and how important he was to so many people. He’s missed dearly and I hope we did him justice in this project.” – matphilly

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[Electronic] Asher Shashaty – Astral Spring LP

The Florida producer Asher Shashaty has been releasing a steady flow of singles that now have led up to his second album, Astral Spring. The 10-track project showcases the evolution of Asher’s sound that continues to expand into diverse sonic territories. From dubstep, to future, trap and more, Astral Spring has a vibe for everyone.

Collaborators on the project include Dani King, Miyoki, Misdom, and more; all of whom bring their A-game to elevate an already solid project by Asher. Expressing a great mix of genres can sometimes be a tough task, but Asher keeps everything within a strong contextual scope to make for a fluid experience from start to finish.

I’m so thankful the album is finally out. I feel so blessed to be able to make music for everyone who wants to listen. I put all of myself into my music, so Astral Spring is a big piece of myself that I am happy to present to you.” – Asher

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[Melodic Bass] Danny Olson x Synymata – Lose It All (feat. Casey Cook)

Two of bass music’s most impressive creators in Danny Olson and Synymata have returned to Lost In Dreams with the electrifying original “Lose It All.” Featuring Casey Cook on vocals, this hybrid anthem is an explosive expression of emotion that shifts its sound from start to finish for a uniquely potent record.

Danny Olson’s cinematic signature shines bright throughout the production which is further amplified by Synymata’s hard-hitting style. Together they’ve created one of the special underrated gems of 2023 that will have even more life as the next festival season comes around. It’s got memorable vocals for a sing along and multiple cathartic moments that make for a dance-floor shattering experience.

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[Dubstep] Chime – Bring Me Back

Chime has long been one of the most interesting bass producers. With his iconic signature, he’s managed to not only churn out memorable dubstep, but also experiment with new styles and succeed in doing so. With his latest Monstercat release “Bring Me Back” the English creative pushes a new sound he’s deeming “Color Bass.”

And colorful it is! “Bring Me Back” starts off as a unique record showcasing itself as an offshoot of dubstep with wonderfully interesting sounds and melodies. From there Chime evolves the production into a sonic adventure that you need to hear for yourself. Whisking through breaks and frankly some beautiful production, this clean cut crispy hitter is definitely worth a playlist add.

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[Electronic] Asher Shashaty, Take a Guess, Sacred Snow – Luminesce Entities

“Luminesce Entities” is the creative culmination between Asher Shashaty, Take a Guess and Sacred Snow. With the former two on production and the latter on vocals, this talented team put together a spiritually charged record that’s both memorable and unique.

Throwing genres out the door, this multi-faceted record takes influence from several styles and molds them together in epic fashion. With Winter on its way, “Luminesce Entities” is the chiller anthem that you’re going to want on your playlist as you kick back inside while the cold takes over the outside. Check it out now and add it to your playlists!

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[Electronic] ASCA – RESISTER (JVNA Remix)

One of bass music’s leading ladies in JVNA has taken on one of anime’s biggest theme songs. Sword Art Online‘s “RESISTER” by ASCA is an iconic record so many hold dear around the world. Now, there’s a new version to love and it surely deserves all the same praise and love as ASCA’s original.

JVNA blends genres with her heavier cut. This newly revitalized “RESISTER” is perfect for live shows as has been proven already several times over at JVNA’s headline shows as well as festivals. It’s a remix done right, paying homage to the original while invigorating it with her own unique style. This is one of Sacra Beats best remixes to date and that’s saying something!

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