[Wave] Spoken Bird – Worlds Collide

Spoken Bird has just dropped his latest single, “Worlds Collide,” a track that’s already making waves in the music community. This new release, now available on vibe.digital, features a seamless blend of hip-hop and R&B influences with the ethereal elements of wave music that Spoken Bird is known for. The intricate drum breaks and inventive synth patterns, laced with a touch of psychedelia, offer listeners a captivating sonic journey.

The magic of “Worlds Collide” lies not just in its production but in the story behind its creator, Alex Gonzalez, better known as Spoken Bird. Hailing from Berkeley, California, Alex’s musical adventure began in college where he was initially drawn to the decks as an electronic music DJ. The sounds of dubstep and glitch hop were his early influences. However, his quest for a deeper connection with music led him to study music theory and electronic production. This academic pursuit gave him the tools to transform his DJ sets into original productions, marking the birth of Spoken Bird.

Spoken Bird’s journey from a college DJ to a revered producer in the wave music scene is marked by numerous accolades. He has amassed over 1 million streams, with tracks like “Hold On” and “Beginnings” resonating deeply with fans. His live performances have helped build upon his story and reputation, having shared the stage with notable artists such as CharlesTheFirst, CloZee, and Phaeleh. A highlight of his career includes a memorable performance at Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse, where he played to a audience of over two thousand people.

Spoken Bird’s rise in the wave world shines light on his relentless passion and spirit. Each release, including the mesmerizing “Worlds Collide,” demonstrates his ability to push the boundaries of wave music while staying true to his artistic roots, and then some.

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[Bass] STUCA – Resurgence EP

The Southern California bass prodigy STUCA has begun the year in stellar stride thanks to his 3-track Resurgence EP. Released on Kannibalen Records, the project further establishes STUCA as one of bass music’s most promising producers who aren’t afraid to showcase a diversified palate.

“Sabre” was the lead single from the EP and starts off the project with an explosive barrage of bass that focuses a bit more on sound design and vibe rather than melodic structures. It makes for a whopping headbanger-friendly record that has proven itself as a success on dancefloors since early 2023. “Get Down” sees STUCA take on breakbeat for an even more dance-friendly tune. Closing out Resurgence is the hybrid heater “WKA” that just might be the favorite for us here in the dojo. They’re all fire though, so enjoy!

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Diving into AVANCE’s latest EP, ALIVE IN A COFFIN, it’s clear that we’re dealing with an artist who’s not afraid to push boundaries and dive into the deeper, darker side of electronic music. This EP is less about the individual tracks and more about the journey AVANCE takes us on, a journey that’s as haunting as it is intriguing.

Starting with the EP’s namesake, “ALIVE IN A COFFIN,” it’s a pretty wild ride. AVANCE crafts this atmosphere of tension and suspense, but it’s done in a way that’s almost inviting. It’s spooky, sure, but in a way that makes you want to explore further, to see what’s around the next corner.

Then there’s “MASSACRE.” This track is where AVANCE’s knack for sound design really shines. It’s chaotic, it’s intense, and it feels like a bit of an auditory rollercoaster. It’s the kind of track that makes you appreciate the artistry in electronic music – how sounds can paint a picture or tell a story.

“DEATH OF A SACRED DEER” slows things down a bit. It’s more introspective, with intricate melodies that make you think and rhythms that stick with you long after the song ends. It’s a standout track that shows AVANCE is more than willing to include depth and thoughtfulness in his work.

This is AVANCE showing us his world, and it’s a fascinating one. For fans of electronic music, or anyone who likes their tunes with a side of storytelling, this EP is a must-listen. AVANCE is definitely carving out his niche, and it’s exciting to see where he’ll take us next.

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[Bass] Artifact -SOUL SLAYER

Let’s dive into the world of ARTIFACT’s latest track, “Soul Slayer,” – the Sydney-based artist, known for shaking things up with his unique style, has done it again, and this time, it’s terrifying banger.

“Soul Slayer,” now out on Riddim Network, is the kind of track that grabs you from the first beat. It’s a blend of electrifying energy and intricate soundscapes that ARTIFACT is becoming known for. After the success of “Samurai Spirit” from Subsidia Records, this new release keeps the momentum going, adding another layer to ARTIFACT’s evolving musical journey.

The beauty of “Soul Slayer” lies in its ability to transport you. It’s not just a track; it’s an experience. The way ARTIFACT weaves together his sound design with those catchy moment is something special. It’s the kind of song that’s perfect for blasting in your headphones on a late-night walk or feeling the bass ripple through a crowd at a live show.

ARTIFACT’s been making waves with previous hits like “Extinction” and “Fractions,” and his live shows are something to talk about. But with “Soul Slayer,” it feels like he’s hitting a new stride – a showcase of how a good track can make you feel.

As “Soul Slayer” makes its rounds on streaming platforms, it’s clear that ARTIFACT isn’t just another name in the electronic music world – he’s beyond that.

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[Bass] Kartypartyy & Y3llO – On My Way

“On My Way,” the latest offering from Kartypartyy and Y3llO is something that transcends borders and genres. The track is a remarkable blend of Kartypartyy’s bass-heavy vibes and Y3llO’s genre-defying style. A musical melting pot, where the thumping beats of Bangkok’s underground clubs meet the eclectic sounds of Yangon’s vibrant EDM scene. “On My Way” shows off duo’s ability to harmonize their distinct musical backgrounds into a singular, pulsating experience.

Released under the Barong Family label, a name synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music, “On My Way” stands out for its boldness and originality. It’s not just another track on a playlist – a ride through the highs and lows of bass music, crafted by two innovative artists in the Asian music scene.

What makes “On My Way” so special is its ability to connect with listeners, regardless of their location. It’s a universal language, spoken in the dialect of deep bass and rhythmic moments, inviting everyone to join in on this sonic adventure. As you listen, you can almost feel the energy of Kartypartyy and Y3llO’s shared stages, their mutual passion for music, and the excitement of their fans.

In essence, “On My Way” encapsulates the spirit of camaraderie that defines the bass music scene. With “On My Way,” Kartypartyy and Y3llO have crafted a musical experience that resonates with fans across the globe.

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[BASS] Ren Zukii – 10 Hour Shower

In the eclectic world of experimental bass music, Ren Zukii, also known as Rene Snow, has emerged as a vibrant and refreshing voice. The 26-year-old producer from West Australia’s serene Margaret River has just dropped her latest single, “10 Hour Shower,” under the WAKAAN label, marking a thrilling end to the year.

“10 Hour Shower” is more than just a new track; it’s a reflection of Zukii’s journey and growth as an artist – it’s the story behind the music that truly resonates. This single is an expression of Zukii’s evolution, blending her early experiences with her current expertise in a melody that’s both familiar and fresh.

Zukii’s journey into the heart of electronic music started early in her scenic hometown, known for its waves and laid-back vibe. It was here, at the age of 12, that she first encountered the pulsating rhythms of Drum & Bass, sparking a lifelong love affair with electronic. This initial spark grew into a flame as she began DJing at 18, immersing herself in the vibrant world of music.

Furthering her passion, Zukii enrolled at the SAE Institute when she was 21, a decision that catalyzed her transformation from a music enthusiast to a creator. Here, she began forging her unique sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Ivy Lab, Eprom, Alix Perez, and Flying Lotus. Her style is distinctly her own – a fusion of experimental tones and textures that could be picked out of a lineup.

As Ren Zukii continues to carve her niche in the electronic music scene, her latest offering is a reminder of her roots and the artistic path she’s traveled. “10 Hour Shower” celebrates not just how far she’s come, but how far she will go from here.

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Never letting up, Hekler has consistently painted a sonic portrait that is both evocative of his roots and forward-looking in its execution. Returning to Bassrush Records, Hekler’s new EP, HEK SZN, is another strong example of his ability to re-imagine the bass landscape.

Starting with “Work It,” Hekler defies the constraints of genres, echoing the past’s rave vibes while infusing fresh energy suitable for any modern dance floor. This fluidity, this dance between past and present, is what Hekler excels at.

His collaboration with BLVCK JVCK, “BUMPIN,” leans into hip-hop territory, showing that Hekler isn’t just about the drops and the wubs. There’s an inherent musicality to his approach, a nod to the broader tapestry of electronic music.

In a time when electronic music often gets pigeonholed into silos, Hekler’s collaborations, like the experimental “Brains” with BLURRD VZN, and the hauntingly evocative “BOUND” with MADI, remind us of the genre’s vast potential.

But HEK SZN isn’t just an EP; it’s reflects this artists’ state of mind, at the moment. A statement that electronic music, and especially bass music, isn’t static. It’s ever-evolving, and artists like Hekler are at the forefront of its next chapter.

For those who’ve followed the ebb and flow of electronic music over the years, Hekler’s work serves as a bridge and a beacon. HEK SZN is now available on Bassrush Records, offering listeners a journey through bass’s evolving story.

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