[Electro-House] Dainjazone – Power [Music Video]

Dainjazone’s latest hit “Power,” featuring the dynamic FlyGirl Tee, you are immediately whisked away to sun-soaked beaches and vibrant club atmospheres. Dainjazone, celebrated for rocking the decks alongside the sensational duo LMFAO, has released a vivid music video for this song, adding yet another accolade to his multi-faceted career. Far from being just visual spectacle, this video embodies the eclectic sounds and infectious energy that define Dainjazone’s musical style.

The music video for “Power” is a bold portrayal of confidence, power, and the embrace of beauty. It features FlyGirl Tee masterfully owning her verses and Dainjazone delivering a set that sets the crowd in motion. With its slick editing and colorful scenes of individuals unapologetically expressing themselves, the video creates a visual rhythm that etches into the memory. It paints a vibrant picture of Dainjazone’s music — a concoction of energetic vibes and diverse melodies that linger in your mind long after you’ve left the dance floor.

Dainjazone’s adeptness at reading the crowd and crafting a versatile mix of house, hip-hop, pop, and classics ensures an unforgettable night for all. Given the keys to top venues like The Grand and Mémoire in Boston, HQ in Atlantic City, and Shrine in Connecticut, night after night, it’s evident that Dainjazone possesses a unique vibe that keeps the dance floors alive and pulsating.

Be apart of the movement and see the music video for yourself below. Dainjazone is entering a whole new chapter in his career, with plenty more to come in terms of originality and content to connect to.

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[House] black a.m. – 70W (Vaded)

In an ever-evolving world of electronic music, artists continuously look for innovative sounds that will break the mold. At the forefront of this movement is black a.m., an artist whose name echoes in the realm of house music with a fervor that demands attention.

Sinclair Wheeler, known to fans as black a.m., is not just another name in the mix. He adds a rock-infused twist to house, carving a niche for himself that blends traditional house elements with avant-garde intricacies. Since his debut in 2019, Wheeler’s been steadily on the rise, catching the eyes and ears of industry behemoths such as John Summit, NGHTMRE, JOYRYDE, Slander, and DJ Craze. Beyond the applause, tangible successes include the official release of his remix of NGHTMRE and Gunna’s “Cash Cow” by Ultra Music and accumulating over 600,000 streams across various platforms. His creation, iamrecords, is a testament to his distinct musical vision.

The strength of Wheeler’s presence isn’t limited to studios alone. His musical skill has been displayed on stages like the Insomniac’s Park N Rave series. And as MGK’s guitarist and a significant contributor to NGHTMRE’s “The Portal Tour”, his instrumentalist skills have been recognized on multiple platforms.

However, at the epicenter of black a.m.’s musical journey is his recent release, “70W (Vaded)”. This track stands out and showcases the mindset that this talent is currently in. This adrenaline-packed number seamlessly integrates powerful percussion and bass, painting a canvas of musical innovation. As the screeching elements echo, they emphasize black a.m.’s singular position in a vast musical realm. Don’t sleep on this guy and check out the single below.

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[Electronic] YMIR – The Wild Hunt

The vastly talented producer/vocalist YMIR has had a major career update. Not only has he just released his next original “The Wild Hunt” but he also has officially signed to the Montreal imprint Kannibalen Records. In doing so he joins the likes of Black Tiger Sex Machine, Apashe, Kai Wachi and Dabin.

With “The Wild Hunt” YMIR showcases both his production skills and his riveting vocals in full force. From the sound design to the mix of styles the mysterious creative manages to delight the senses and the soul with his unique concoction. It’s a bit on the experimental side, but it’s a load of fun. Make sure to check out his full catalog if you haven’t yet and if you’re in any cities he’s playing soon with Apashe – don’t miss the show!

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[House] Sak Noel – Tambor

Sak Noel: Building Bridges Through ‘Jungle Tech’

In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, Sak Noel stands as a strong example of someone who pushes the limtis. A Latin Grammy Nominee, an IDMA Winner, and a name associated with Gold & Platinum records, Sak has long been a dominant force, intertwining his vibrant Barcelona roots with the global tapestry of music. With iconic collaborators like Sean Paul, Lil Jon, Madonna, and Maroon 5 under his belt, he’s been the pulse of both the Latin and electronic dance scenes. It’s no wonder then that he shares a podium with Spanish legends like Julio & Enrique Iglesias, having scaled the number 1 spot on the UK Singles Chart.

Today, Sak surprises the world with “Tambor”, a track that epitomizes his musical journey, blending his Spanish essence with a tribute to his heritage. Coined ‘Jungle Tech’, this novel sound seamlessly fuses Asian influences with the passionate Latin flair he’s celebrated for. “Tambor” is a musical siren—pulsating rhythms, evocative brass tones, and a touch of big-room EDM that demands your feet to dance.

Behind the scenes, Sak’s BARNATON imprint, marrying ‘Barcelona’ with ‘Reggaeton’, bolsters the next generation of Latin artists. As he journeys through his European tour, introducing ‘Jungle Tech’ to avid fans, Sak Noel isn’t just presenting a track; he’s bridging cultures, genres, and epochs.

In the global symphony of music, Sak’s voice remains influential. And as he turns this fresh page, the world tunes in, ready for the rhythm.

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[Electronic] The Golden Age of Wrestling – Ferrari Rocher

Dipping into Jeff Cancade’s The Golden Age of Wrestling (TGAOW) is akin to stepping inside a time capsule that refuses to settle in any one era. Launched in the final weeks of 2019, TGAOW shatters the often-static facade of ambient music, giving it a face, a voice, and a boisterous personality.

The hit single “Ferrari Rocher” serves as a prime exhibit of this audacity. It starts with a nostalgic chiptune riff, echoing the NES era’s electronic charm. But then, like a twist in a gripping novel, it mutates, exploring sonic territories uncharted, defying the very essence of predictability.

But there’s more to this tale. Albums like Tombstone Piledriver and Crossface Chicken Wing have set the stage, and the forthcoming Scorpion Deathlock promises a richer, deeper foray into Cancade’s “glambient” universe. His music evokes the early days of ambient, yet it’s sprinkled with modernity, resisting pigeonholing at every turn.

To truly grasp the TGAOW experience, one must attend his live acts: a spectacle where past meets future, and visuals meld seamlessly with sound. Bathed in the ethereal glow of fluorescent lamps and swathed in a golden veil, Cancade’s performances are less a concert, more a transcendental journey. Get ready for the ride.

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[Dance-Pop] Holly T – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (feat. Martial Simon)

Dance and pop music fans have a cool new song to enjoy by the talented DJ Holly T. Her latest single is called “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” and it features Martial Simon. People are really loving this song in the music world. Holly T has had an exciting journey so far, going from one side of the country to the other, and leaving behind awesome performances and dedicated fans wherever she goes.

Holly T has a talent with blending the new alongside a bit of that old-school feel. One of her remixes is of a song called “Goddess” by Nervo and Krewella. She also did a version of the classic song “Free” by Ultra Nate that got almost 5 million listens, not an easy feat.

Holly T is based on the East Coast, and she’s become a big deal in the dance scene in New York City. She’s known for her energetic style and creative mixing when she plays music at places like The Edge. And she’s not just limited to clubs – she’s also played music for top-talent like Drew Barrymore at private parties.

“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” is a perfect example of how Holly T makes songs that make you want to dance. It’s got a fun twist of disco, and it makes people want to hit the dancefloor. Make sure to keep an eye on her because she’s taking dance-pop music to awesome new places.

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[Dance-Pop] Harber – Remedy (feat. Alex Jones)

The impressive cityscape of New York City has been the backdrop to many stories of dreams, but HARBER’s rise in the world of electronic music tells a tale that’s both new and nostalgic. It’s not just about how impressive one’s sound may be; it’s like an ongoing chat between the vibrant hum of city life and the quiet longings of human hearts.

Consider a track like “Remedy,” created with Alex Jones. It feels like a nighttime view of the city – throbbing and full of life. Then there’s “More Than You” with Lexy Panterra, a song that dared to flirt with Billboard’s charts, or the soulful reflections of “Summer You.” Each piece shows a different side of HARBER’s unique electronic style that’s inspired by urban life.

But what sets him apart from other new artists is where his music is heard. From Bravo TV’s show ‘Summer House’ to Amazon’s ‘Upload’, his music is reaching more and more people. And when you think about his remixes for big names like The Chainsmokers or his collaboration with Khalid & Normani, you can see HARBER’s musical importance.

He’s been featured in Forbes, celebrated by People Magazine, and respected by major players like Swedish House Mafia and Marshmello. HARBER isn’t just making music; he’s creating a lasting mark for himself.

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