[Tech House] Bleu Clair – Boom Boom

Bleu Clair, a renowned tech-house maestro beloved around the world, caps off a bustling year filled with international tours and notable stage appearances with his latest single, “Boom Boom.” After a year of performing at major events like Parookaville Festival and Tomorrowland in 2023, Bleu Clair is setting the stage for even grander plans in 2024.

“Boom Boom,” set for release on Terminal Underground, Matroda’s label, represents a bold step in Bleu Clair’s artistic journey. This track melds his signature tech-house style with a unique Latin twist, a fresh direction for the artist. The single adds a new dimension to his repertoire, featuring Spanish-vocal samples and vibrant basslines, paying tribute to the diverse origins of house music.

With over 70 million streams to his name, Bleu Clair has become a staple in the electronic music scene. His collaborations with artists like Kyle Watson, Matroda, and Martin Garrix (under the Ytram moniker) have significantly shaped his sound and reputation. His presence at festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Ubbi Dubbi, coupled with his music being featured in the FIFA 23 Official Soundtrack, underscores his wide-reaching influence.

Bleu Clair’s career highlights, including “Make You Mine” as Ytram and “Green Light” with AC Slater, showcase his rapid rise in the music world. His latest release, “Boom Boom,” is a stark example of his continuous effort to innovate and explore new soundscapes within tech house. This approach not only cements his status as a leading figure in the house genre but also as a prominent name in the global EDM culture.

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[Bass House] Jimmy Pe – Blip Blop [Music Video]

In Blip Blop, Jimmy Pé’s latest EP, there’s a refreshing vibe that goes beyond the usual electronic music fare. It’s a mix of tech house, bass house, and mid-tempo, but all with a twist that’s all Jimmy. This EP feels laid-back, yet also a sophisticated step in a new direction, taking in different styles and pushing out something that is uniquely his.

On top of this, fans have something special to look forward to with the upcoming music video for the title track, “Blip Blop.” Knowing Jimmy’s flair for creating visually engaging content, this video is expected to be as dynamic and inventive as the track itself.

Kicking off this adventure is, “Big PaPa,” a bit of a departure from the norm. Jimmy Pé adds a personal touch by using his own voice, weaving in elements of his Slovak roots into this one. It’s a neat blend of genres that smash the realms of bass house and mid-tempo together.

As one gets deeper into this experience, the song in the EP brings its own flavor. The title track “Blip Blop” hits you with an energy that’s perfect for the club scene. “Electric” takes a dive into the deeper, more nuanced side of tech house, creating an atmosphere that’s a bit mysterious and totally chilling. And then there’s “Hot For You,” a showcase of Jimmy’s skill in bass house, wrapping up the EP with a sound that’s both powerful and polished.

This EP, Blip Blop, is a collection of tracks that brings you through various twists and turns within the brackets of electronic music, all given a unique spin by Jimmy Pé.

Check out the EP and video below.

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[House] Martial Simon – Turn Down The Lights

2023 has been an extraordinary year for Martial Simon, unlike DJ/producers who are more like a flash in the pan, Simon has carved out a niche for himself as someone who sticks around, having developed a model which fulfills a need within the greater dance scene. This year has seen him add a slew of strong achievements to his already impressive career.

Simon’s, “Turn Down The Lights,” an extension of his larger story. It’s a track that showcases his flair for blending catchy pop vocal melodies and classic electro-pop together in a refreshing manner – a nod to his roots and a glance towards what’s next, striking a balance between the familiar and the future.

Having razzed more than 1.5 million streams just this year, via tunes like “Have A Good Time” and “Go Bezerk,” the one-man show has immortalized one part of a soundtrack to many lives.

Enjoying the fruits of his labor he’s compounded through grinding for years, cultivating his craft, and staying true to his vision, he seems to show no signs of slowing down as 2023 begins to come to a close.

Martial Simon’s has many highlights of the career worth sharing, including gaining a boost via playout on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems as well as ascending to the top of the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart through his music. Stand out singles like “High In July” and “Lost” have not only amassed millions of streams but also secured him airplay on over 200 radio stations. From launching his own label, GET SET Records, to his early days as a New York City DJ, Simon has grown year after year, both behind the decks and in the studio, marking an extraordinary narrative that’s stranger, and more exciting, than fiction.

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[House] Riordan – Needle On The Record

Riordan, a rising star in the UK house music scene, is gearing up for a significant moment in his career with the upcoming release of “Needle on the Record.” This track, now out, releases under the prestigious Gorgon City’s label “Realm” and is an stark example of Riordan’s growing influence in the genre.

The single exemplifies Riordan’s unique style – a blend of house music with the gritty essence of UK garage (UKG). However, the story behind the music is equally compelling. Riordan, who first experienced the magic of Gorgon City at 16, now finds his work on their label, representing a serious and symbolic milestone in his career.

This track has already garnered significant attention, becoming a standout in the 2023 festival circuit and earning praise from industry figures like Mau P and Seb Zito. Its creation, inspired by the 80s track “Put The Needle On The Record,” highlights Riordan’s creative process – transforming nostalgia into something distinctly modern.

Beyond this single, Riordan’s musical trajectory has been remarkable. He burst onto the scene with his 2022 hit “No Hablo Espanol,” followed by the TikTok viral song “Reflection.” His collaboration with Wax Motif on “La Samba” under Nervous Records only pushes the limits of his potential as well as the expectations of fans and industry heads alike.

Riordan is not just about one track or one style. His journey in the music industry showcases a continuous evolution and a keen ability to resonate with audiences. Riordan is set to cement his place as someone who is not just influenced by, but influencing, the greater dance music scene, with 2024 looking to be nothing short of epic for this young British artist.

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[House] I AM – TTT

Meet DJ/producer, I AM, an artist approaching things from a different angle. His journey is one worth telling – from spinning tracks at local block parties and clubs to sharing the stage at big festivals and teaming up with names like Cappa, Sean Bravo, and Edward Fasone.

Let’s talk numbers for a second – 6.6 million video views on TikTok and 88k streams on Spotify. This guy is doing something right. And his sound? Think of a catchy mix of electronic and pop that gets the crowd moving every single time. Pure vibes.

Now, about his new track, “TTT.” It’s more than just a house music experience; it’s a message. Crafted over six years, this track tells a story of passion and finding your groove. It’s the kind of tune that makes you want to close your eyes and just let go, finding those moments of self-belief and inner strength.

With dreams of rocking global stages and joining forces with top artists in his field, this artist is all about giving us a memorable musical ride. Take a leap and dive into his world with “TTT.” Trust us; it’s a trip worth taking.

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[Indie-Electronic] Guy Horne – Broken Before

Meet Guy Horne, hailing from Manchester, a city that’s given us legends like The Stone Roses & Oasis. This Autumn, amidst the cozy vibes and pumpkin-spiced everything, “Broken Before” will be upon us, the latest release from quickly-growing talent Guy Horne.

Music-wise, the guy’s on fire. “Broken Before,” produced with the uber-talented Ed Graves and Grammy-ace Oli Jacobs, is just a glimpse of what he’s cooking up. He’s rocked out on BBC Introducing, teamed up with top-tier producers, and there’s even some chatter about a drum and bass remix with DNMO.

“Broken Before” is more than just a upbeat experience. It’s raw, touching on the tender spots left by past relationships. Inspired by memories with an ex who shared his love for songwriting, this single will hit you right in the feels.

Now, while Oasis might sing about wanting to “Live Forever,” Guy’s been making waves both in and out of the studio. Besides being dubbed the Young Property Personality of the year, he’s been all about making a change, raising a cool $1 billion for Affordable Housing in the UK.

So, as the leaves fall and this single hits the airwaves, sit back, relax, and tune in. Guy Horne, the ‘new British Indie Pop’ voice, is about to become more widespread than anticipated.

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[House] Thomas Xavier – Pharaoh’s Alchemist LP

If you’ve got your ear to the ground in the Midwest US house scene, there’s a name that’s probably been on repeat: Thomas Xavier. This guy’s got the rhythm, the flair, and, let’s just say it, the guts to shake up the house music game.

Over just three short years, Thomas has been mixing it up with some big names, spinning decks side by side with the best of the best. He’s provided live performance support to over 30 big names like Ghastly, Nostalgix & Moksi, and SNBRN. And if you’ve been to one of those “Pharaoh’s Chamber” gigs, you’ll know the kind of magic this dude brings.

In 2022, he stepped it up by launching Pharaoh Phonix. But it’s not just any label; it’s his brainchild, his ode to blending the echoes of ancient tunes with infectious house. The numbers speak for themselves – 52 tracks, 20 artists, and a cool 3 million streams.

2023 is all about Pharaoh’s Alchemist, and trust me, it’s a treat for the ears. Merging Bass House, G-House, and Tech House, it’s an album that feels both fresh and timeless. Tunes like “Monsta” give you a kick of hip-hop, while “Be Like VR” throws you into the deep end with Xavier’s newest project, Khuphu. Think dubstep with a sprinkle of UK Grime vibes.

As 2023 rolls on, there’s one thing I’m sure of: Thomas Xavier isn’t just here to play; he’s here to stay.

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