[Tech House] Matroda – Jack The House 4

From the vibrant shores of Croatia to the pulsating heartbeats of tech house arenas worldwide, Matroda’s ascent in the electronic music domain is nothing short of meteoric. Steeped in the rich legacies of music legends such as Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles, this multifaceted artist blends classic influences with a futuristic vision, underpinned by his rigorous classical training.

However, to truly fathom the depth of Matroda’s sonic odyssey, one need not look further than his seminal EP, Jack The House 4. It’s a epic illustration of sorts – encapsulating his evolving narrative. The EP commences with “My Mind,” an audacious blend of classic house vocals and powerful basslines. The journey takes a mellifluous turn with “Can’t Fight The Feeling”, a harmonious blend of piano chords and deep vocals. The near all-instrumental “I Want It” serves as a testament to his artistry, followed by the gritty vibes of “In The Air”. “Pump Up The Volume” electrifies with its vibrant chords, while “Talk To Me”, in collaboration with TOBEHONEST, sums up the EP’s well-crafted nature.

Amidst this sonic brilliance, accolades have naturally followed. With a glittering past that includes remixes championed by the likes of Diplo and Calvin Harris, and chart-topping tracks such as “Disco Tool”, Matroda’s trajectory is undeniably upward. Here’s to the ‘matrodasound’ – a unique blend, an unparalleled journey, and an unmatched future.

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[House] Bruno Furlan – The Rhythm

The tech house maestro Bruno Furlan has just came through swinging with his groovy original “The Rhythm.” Staying true to his roots, Bruno delivers a catchy bop that assuredly can wreck dancefloors across the globe.

“The Rhythm” is a true tech treat, but one that Bruno infuses some unique elements into for a fresh take on the genre. As someone who’s been dominating, traveling the world with his fiery catalog, it should come as no surprise that he has yet another smash on his hands. This one is definitely worth the playlist add!

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[Tech House] Black V Neck & Afrojack – Oral Music

The burgeoning house duo Black V Neck have joined forces yet again with the iconic producer Afrojack for “Oral Music.” The aptly titled record is a unique take on tech house with some funky sound design.

“Oral Music” focuses on vocal-centric sounds that are modulated and tweaked to perfection for a wacky, unforgettable record. This song should come with a warning – but expect this one to get stuck in your head. Not only is it a good song, but the sounds are what really stick out here.

The idea of the record came about when we first met Afrojack in the studio. He loved our record ‘Mouth Music’ and wanted to have a similar vibe which led to the creation of “Oral Music.” We’ve been teasing it for awhile now, but we are happy to release this on our own label. This record is sure to stand out as it’s not your average Tech House record.” – Black V Neck

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[House] Rich Furniss & Morsy – Desire (feat. Andrew Charles)

Brooklyn’s Rich Furniss is back with friends Morsy and Andrew Charles for the house original “Desire.” Released on Quincy Boy Records, “Desire” is a song that feels like it could have been released at any time during house’s lifespan and still be a hit.

Inspired by classic sounds and 80’s undertones, the record’s tasteful production balances each collaborator’s own style without trying to overdo it. Sometimes a collaboration can feel like its trying to be more than the sum of its parts, but with “Desire” these three manage to achieve that through letting it happen. Of course, we can’t say how it actually came together – but “Desire” is one of those songs that feels just right, and that it was created with a certain flow that all involved tapped into organically.

The energy between Morsy, Buck and I was just natural when making “Desire,” I feel like a balance of all of us are in here. Since starting Rich Furniss in Sept. of 2021, I wouldn’t have envisioned things coming so far so quick or to have the support from bigger artists I love on my music. I am pumped about the future!” – Rich

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[House] Martial Simon & Trinidad Jame$ – Go Bezerk

New York City producer Martial Simon has teamed up with the iconic veteran Trinidad James for the original smash “Go Bezerk.” Coming to the world via GET SET Records, this deep and driving hit is just what you want to add to your festival playlists as we enter the Spring season.

“Go Bezerk” – as one might imagine – sports an incredibly catchy vocal from Trinidad who is no stranger to taking over minds and ears across the globe. Martial’s club-driven production elevates the song to fantastic heights for an extremely memorable sonic experience that listeners like us will ache for again and again.

’Go Bezerk’ is a Techy Bass House record in collaboration with rapper Trinidad Jame$. His catchy hook overlays a club track with massive buildups, a fat bass line and plucky synths. This record is for the clubs and a packed dance floor!” – Martial Simon

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[House] Bleu Clair – Step Into It

Bleu Clair is coming off a big year in 2022. To kick off 2023, he’s dropped his solo single “Step Into It” that feels a little too appropriate for where the Indonesian talent is at in his career. Taking the success in stride, this hit continues to showcase why Bleu Clair is one of the hottest in house right now.

“Step Into It” blends some classic sounds with a fresh sentiment backed by Bleu Clair’s iconic production. It builds beautifully into a massively climactic drop with a sax solo that is just SO DAMN COOL. The unique approach to a song with such a distinct payoff makes for a nice change of pace from the usual while Bleu Clair proves once again he’s got the X factor.

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[House] Rich Furniss – Out Of This World

After a heavy year of coverage in the dojo, we’re not slowing down the support for Rich Furniss. The New York creator kicks off the new year with our favorite record of his to date. “Out Of This World” truly lives up to its name and we’re sure it will make its way into your playlist as soon as you hear it.

Rich has had a knack for catchy records, but there’s something particularly special about this one. The almost frenetic energy paired with the washed out melodic runs are just impeccable. We can’t get enough of it on our end and we hope you feel the same way about the next stepping stone in Rich Furniss’ evolving career, which recently saw him take the operation reigns over at the Quincy Boy imprint.

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