[Indie/Folk] SATRE – Stay Away

Swedish soundscapes have long permeated the world of music, merging ethereal Nordic rhythms with global influences. SATRE, hailing from Stockholm, is the latest such melodic talent to do just this. Having transitioned from the tranquility of Swedish nature to the vibrant area of London’s streets, his newest single, “Stay Away”, emerges as a sonic experience worth hearing.

The track is a bright indie-folk-pop experience, ideal for folks of many walks of life. One can hear influences of Bon Iver’s ethereal tunes and The Lumineers’, yet SATRE’s distinct resonance lies in his narrative. It’s a song shaped from personal trials—a contemplation of returning to Stockholm after a challenging stint in London. It is in this context that the words “Stay Away” are uttered by a sibling. Not as a deterrent, but as a gentle nudge towards dreams.

This narrative depth, combined with an strong song-writing, has led to “Stay Away” being spotlighted as the Artist’s Pick on ‘Future Hits Radio’s Fresh Finds: Folk’. Proving SATRE’s evolving artistry, it is a song that doesn’t merely seek to entertain but to narrate a journey—a musician’s quest amidst the contrasting backdrops of two iconic cities.

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[House] Dainjazone & Redfoo – Long Live Party Rock

There’s no escaping Party Rock, even after over ten years. Now, “Long Live Party Rock” is here to continue the legend thanks to Dainjazone and the epic return of LMFAO’s Redfoo.

“Long Live Party Rock” is a festival anthem through and through. It’s a party song. It’s pure energy with a touch of that LMFAO sound that took over the airwaves for years. Dainjazone’s production adds some contemporary elements and style, while Redfoo delivers on his signature sound.

Redfoo has been turning down feature opportunities from multi-platinum selling artists over the last 6 years. I recorded myself rapping half the lyrics over my production and sent it to him with an invite to be on the track. He instantly fell in love with it and in fact added more lyrics to make it better.” – Dainjazone

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[House] Marcus James x David Frank – Euphoria

The newly Toronto relocated producer Marcus James has followed up his hit RUNN collab “Good Enough” with the chilled out “Euphoria.” With his EP looming just around the corner on Physical Presents Marcus James has been delivering singles with his David Frank featured gem being the latest.

“Euphoria” showcases a bit of a different sound from Marcus although it still has his house signatures. However with David Frank at his side he focuses less on his usual style that is a bit more bubbly and bouncy with a hint of his pop punk upbringing. Here he drops a radio hit that still has good energy and a great groove to it, but the songwriting is a bit more focused and polished. Overall it’s another fantastic record from Marcus James that was deserved of its support by mint canada on Spotify.

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[House] Laidback Luke & Gian Varela feat. Melfi – Ponme Loco

Laidback Luke joins our friend Gian Varela for the exciting new single “Ponme Loco.” Following up from Gian’s “Veneno” which he chatted with us about, “Ponme Loco” is a club smash that has been released on MixMash Records.

Luke and Gian’s Melfi featured original is catchy from the start. It’s call to action is not hard to follow through on thanks to an energizing production that, although minimal, gets you on your feet and dancing. “Ponme Loco” feels like one of those songs that was just so much fun to make and it shows. Add this one to your playlist for a little latin flare!

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[House] Chris Costello – We Could Be Together EP

Maybe we’re not as in the progressive house scene as we once were – but LA producer Chris Costello has us back in the mix thanks to his debut EP We Could Be Together. The five track EP pays homage to what Chris describes as the “golden era of EDM” with its uplifting energetic sound.

One of the things that sticks out on this EP is that there are vocals on all of the songs, giving them strong accessibility that Chris hammers home with his inviting melodies and crisp production. His style transforms throughout the project, not simply sticking to the archetypal “progressive” sound which gives the EP a dynamic sensibility. Favorites including “Hope You Know” and “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” but the entire EP is solid through and through.

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[House] Marcus James x RUNN – Good Enough

Canada’s Marcus James has taken the next step towards his EP with help from the talented RUNN. Their collaborative “Good Enough” was released on Physical Presents and has already garnered some incredible attention.

Landing itself on numerous editorial playlists including mint Cananda on Spotify, “Good Enough” is well deserving of the love its getting. Packed with inspiring emotion and bouncy basslines, this catchy original is some of the best work from both of these two talents. Check it out now and make sure to stay up to date with Marcus James & RUNN as they both have more music coming soon!

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Latin Dance Icon Gian Varela Chats About Hit “Veneno” [TMN Interview]

Latin star Gian Varela has quite the track record. Having released on such labels as Armada, Spinnin’ Records, Revealed and more, as well as having been the first DJ to ever perform at the Panama Canal in his birth country, Gian’s been making big moves and even bigger waves for quite some time.

His latest endeavor is the house hit “Veneno” that he created in collaboration with Steve Andreas and singer Felicia. Not only did Gian drop this original on BARNATION, but the song comes with a superb music video. Gian joined us in the dojo to chat a little about the project, his recent signing to Mixmash and to let us know what else he has upcoming this year.

TMN: Can you tell us how your song “Veneno” came to be?

Gian: I wanted a record that would link my old music with everything that’s coming up new! Veneno did just that. I worked on it with the idea of merging a guaracha record with a house track with Steve and then with Flori del Pino we wrote the vocals. But we needed an authentic guaracha singer from Colombia who’d be down to work it and that is when we brought in felicia.

TMN: How was shooting the music video for the song?

Gian: It was fun! A bit exhausting as I worked with the team on editing the video as I flew to Amsterdam from Miami. The timelines were a bit crazy but such is life.

TMN: How was the experience of being the first DJ to play at the Panama Canal?

Gian: It was the most challenging project I’ve ever had to do. But in the end once it came out, I still can’t believe we pulled it off. It was an honor and such an emblematic thing for me. There will definitely be a round 2.

TMN: As someone at the forefront of Latin America’s electronic music scene, what are you looking forward to in the next few years?

Gian: Spanish House this year, then the I want to definitely hear more genres in Spanish! From Dubstep to Techno. I believe there is always a way to fuse these worlds together. You can bet on me being at the forefront of pushing this more and more.

TMN: What else is going on in the world of Gian Varela for the rest of the year?

Gian: Having just signed to Mixmash and getting ready for a whole amount of biiig releases with major artists both from the Latin world and the dance music world: I’m really exited! I’m also happy to come back to Twitch and be able to stream and hang out with the fans.

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