[Indie-Electronic] Close To Monday – First Class

Close To Monday, a European indie electronic duo, has a knack for crafting music that resonates deeply with the soul. Composed of the talented producer Alexander and the expressive singer/songwriter Ann, they’ve been making waves in the electronic music scene. Their work, which includes chart-toppers on the Deutsche Alternative Charts and accolades from international film festivals, showcases their ability to blend deep emotional narratives with captivating soundscapes.

Entering 2024, Close To Monday releases “First Class,” a track that marks a delightful shift in their musical style. It’s a piece that stands out, not just for its inclusion in Uproxx’s ‘Favorite Hotel Stays In 2023’, but for its distinct departure from the energetic design of their previous songs. “First Class” slows things down, inviting listeners on a more introspective journey. The track is a fascinating exploration of ambition and the pitfalls of luxury, wrapped up in a metaphor about a man’s transformation into a monster amid the lavishness of first-class travel.

The accompanying music video for “First Class” is a minimalist work of art. Filmed in an art space by their dedicated team, it shows the duo’s commitment to their artistic vision. The video emphasizes the interplay of light and shadow, sound and silence, drawing viewers into the emotional core of the song. It’s a visual narrative that complements the song’s thematic exploration, ensuring the focus remains on the melody and the core essence of the sound.

“First Class” shows off Close To Monday’s musical evolution. It’s a track that displays their ability to weave complex narratives into their music, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond just listening. The song’s slower tempo and introspective feel offer a fresh perspective, highlighting the duo’s versatility and depth.

In essence, “First Class” is a vivid illustration of Close To Monday’s musical capabilities and creativity. It’s about storytelling, emotional exploration, and the connection between artist and audience. With this latest release, Close To Monday invites listeners to dive deeper into their world, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of human emotions that they so skillfully depict in their music.

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[Indie-Electronic] Guy Horne – Broken Before

Meet Guy Horne, hailing from Manchester, a city that’s given us legends like The Stone Roses & Oasis. This Autumn, amidst the cozy vibes and pumpkin-spiced everything, “Broken Before” will be upon us, the latest release from quickly-growing talent Guy Horne.

Music-wise, the guy’s on fire. “Broken Before,” produced with the uber-talented Ed Graves and Grammy-ace Oli Jacobs, is just a glimpse of what he’s cooking up. He’s rocked out on BBC Introducing, teamed up with top-tier producers, and there’s even some chatter about a drum and bass remix with DNMO.

“Broken Before” is more than just a upbeat experience. It’s raw, touching on the tender spots left by past relationships. Inspired by memories with an ex who shared his love for songwriting, this single will hit you right in the feels.

Now, while Oasis might sing about wanting to “Live Forever,” Guy’s been making waves both in and out of the studio. Besides being dubbed the Young Property Personality of the year, he’s been all about making a change, raising a cool $1 billion for Affordable Housing in the UK.

So, as the leaves fall and this single hits the airwaves, sit back, relax, and tune in. Guy Horne, the ‘new British Indie Pop’ voice, is about to become more widespread than anticipated.

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[Indie-Electronic] Whammyboy – Space Pop Vol.I EP

In the boundless cosmos of music, Noah Johansen, aka Whammyboy, is making waves with his debut EP Space Pop Vol. I, launched into the musical universe on September 22nd via GEMS / ADA / Warner. This introverted Norwegian talent crafts music that’s anything but shy, giving birth to a unique sound he’s coined as “Space Pop”. Imagine dance meeting indie pop in a celestial dance – that’s what Whammyboy is all about.

This EP, a compilation of five heart-felt songs, revolves around Whammyboy’s own experiences and emotions, with a special spotlight on love. Tracks like “Ocean” and “Enjoy the Feeling” offer a deep dive into the world of relationships. “Ocean” explores the longing to connect deeply with someone, while “Enjoy the Feeling” is all about savoring the joy of the present moment.

Whammyboy isn’t just a one-trick pony – he’s penned, produced, and mixed every track on the EP, showcasing his devotion to his art. And it seems the world is tuning in. Especially in the UK, where his tracks “Heart” and “Chop It” have made waves on Jack Saunders’ BBC Radio 1 Future Artists show. He even snagged the title of NEXT WAVE Artist on the program in July.

This guy’s music has been bouncing around from the UK to Norwegian radio stations like P3, P1, and P13, proving he’s got a sound that gets people moving. His live shows are an electrifying spectacle of lasers and guaranteed dance vibes, revealing the extroverted side of his musical soul. And even though he’s more of a stay-at-home kind of guy, Whammyboy is gearing up for a tour across Germany, Paris, and Norway, embracing the adventures and challenges on the road.

With Space Pop Vol. 2 in the works, this artist is aiming for the stars, ready to entertain not just international, but maybe even extraterrestrial fans.

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[Trance] Ceréna – Limitless

Toronto’s own Ceréna, following the raving success of her self-produced debut album resurrection and its standout tracks like the JUNO-nominated ‘see’, ‘hearts on fire,’ and ‘gender euphoria’, has returned with single, ‘Limitless.’ This dazzling new release stands as a beacon in the electro-pop universe, drawing from her journey steeped in authenticity, and the unique inspirations she garnered from queer club culture and the pioneering sounds of artists like the late SOPHIE.

From her early days, marking the music industry with her undeniable talent at the tender age of six, Ceréna has shown an undying quest for self-expression. This quest took a turn into the vibrant avenues of the Ballroom scene, laying the foundation for her distinct sonic fingerprint.

‘Limitless,’ produced by Jaymie Silk (French), the flagship single from her imminent EP ‘607’, is more than just a song. With its hypnotic arpeggio synths and EDM backbone, it becomes an experience, a dive into the boundless realm of self-discovery. Ceréna’s voice, draped in velvety tones, paints a dreamlike soundscape that perfectly complements the intoxicating production.

In Ceréna’s own words, “LIMITLESS is a call to embrace the forever changing nature of things, which include our humanity… By accepting the nature of change, we open up to the infinite possibilities that await us.”

With ‘Limitless’, Ceréna has captured something time-testing and inviting all in the same go: to unearth, embrace, and celebrate our true selves, unburdened by labels and free from boundaries. As she evolves, Ceréna’s commitment to authenticity remains unwavering, and the dance-pop scene is all the richer for it.

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[Nu-Disco] Sparkee – Feel Alive (Lenno Remix)

Oh boy, do we have something sexy for you! Finnish producer Lenno has joined up with Sparkee for a remix of the latter’s “Feel Alive.” This nu-disco inspired hit is a magnificent reimagining of the funky original. If your playlist was in need of something fun, bright and groovy as hell, this is what you need.

Lenno didn’t pull any punches when it came to remixing “Feel Alive” and he leans heavily into the original mood while delivering even more energy. It’s a song that feels timeless, fresh and ever so sonically delicious. Even if you’re not a fan of “electronic music” you’ll be vibing hard to this one.

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[Disco House] Sparkee & Sierra – Breathe

Hope you’re ready to dance! Sparkee and Sierra‘s disco-friendly original “Breathe” is a fantastically fun record that is one of our favorite Summer jams of the year. Something this great is to be expected from a producer that wowed Tiesto to win his “The Business” remix competition.

“Breathe” from the start is a vibe, delivering energy quickly with a groove reminiscent of Daft Punk for an infectious introduction. From there Sparkee and Sierra drive forth with a song that’s as dynamic as it is catchy. It’s hard not to feel good when this is playing. And for that reason, among many others, it’s a must add to your playlists before we say goodbye to another Summer!

Having been a fan of Sparkee’s past releases, the opportunity to collaborate was an easy yes! When I heard the instrumental I instantly knew it was the one and the song practically wrote itself. Super excited to give everyone one last banger before the Summer ends.Sierra

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[Indie Dance] Mickey Kojak – All That Acid

If the name Mickey Kojak doesn’t ring a bell, then you’ll need to take out that mental pen and jot it down in your consciousness somewhere. The Australian indie wonder has come through yet again with what may be his catchiest record to date, “All That Acid.”

Right off the bat this record is viral material, but not in the cheesy “#SELFIE” kind of way. It’s the type of song that could be easily licensed to a film and launch Mickey directly in front of millions of minds. It’s weird, it’s fun and the best part is it doesn’t take itself too seriously and we think that’s where the glory lives. It’s just a fun one; another hit from the one and only Mickey Kojak.

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