[Indie Dance] We The Kids – Billion

We The Kids

A new duo out of Sweden has quickly become one of our favorite acts and they have only released on song. “Billion” is enough to do that and you’ll see, or rather hear, why in a moment. We The Kids took a strong first step with their debut track to set themselves up for big success.

Released on Tenacity Records, “Billion” is an indie dance treasure, taking influence from pop, future, R&B and more. It’s a magnificent melting pot of bright sounds and lovable melodies that come just in time for the Summer season. Their odd, but intriguing attitude comes through in their sound; it will suck you in and never let go. Stream their debut single today and stay tuned for more work from them soon.

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[Electronic] Drake – Passionfruit (A&G Remix) [Andrew Tejada Cover]

Passionfruit (A&G Remix) [Andrew Tejada Cover]

With the recent Spotify boom and the decline of Soundcloud, the cover/remix package is becoming quite the go-to. One artist who has recently hopped on that with some success is A&G, who remixed Drake’s “Passionfruit” with the help of vocalist Andrew Tejada.

The tropically driven remix by A&G has a throwback sound to when the sub-genre was first circulating. It makes for a nice nostalgic Summer song. It’s got a chill vibe to it, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make for a good record to get a party going. Dance-able and vivid, this new “Passionfruit” will be eaten up by party goers all season long. A&G released this one as a free download, so there’s no real reason to sleep on it.

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[Indie Dance] Hymner feat. Bast – Apart

When a debut single blow us away, we tend to get extremely excited in the dojo. This just happened with the Swedish band Hymner who dropped their song “Apart” with Bast. The indie dance vibes on this one are unlike most things we come across, making it just the right first step for the group.

Emerging with “Apart” was the perfect move. Us and other fans alike are enjoying this one as much as we can and thinking about just what is to come next from Hymner. They have established their sound in part, but given the myriad of influences on this, we’re going to guess they’ll surprise us in the future with something else that isn’t anything like the debut single. In due time the full scope of the project will be revealed, but for now take time to fully envelop yourself in “Apart.”

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[Indie Dance] Phil Good – I Miss You

I Miss You

If Phil Good ever stopped making music, we’d miss him. We’d miss him so much in fact, we’d go outside the window of his house and sing his new song “I Miss You” despite being utterly atrocious singers. Hopefully we don’t have to do that and we can leave the singing to Phil.

“I Miss You” is Phil’s best track yet, which is saying a lot given his powerful, but still small catalog. His indie-pop meets electronic sound is just what the radio needs; a genuinely good song that wasn’t made specifically with the radio in mind. It feels like an indie track, but it’s so much more than that. Phil always manages to keep his sights on the underground while managing to release works that have crazy potential. Only time will tell just how high Phil can go, but we’re philling good about him… okay bye now, just listen to “I Miss You” and enjoy.

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[Indie Dance] LCAW – Nobody Else But You

Nobody Else But You

“Nobody Else But You” is the newest single from Germany’s LCAW. Thanks to Ultra Records this indie dance treat has come to the world, so if you’re into it we suggest you support it on digital services. Trust us, you’re going to want to after you listen.

LCAW takes inspiration from his childhood on this, expressing the precious innocence and wonder of being young, untouched by the pains of age and adulthood. “Nobody Else But You” has a face that is a bit groovy and upbeat, but is more than just a nice song to listen to. It’s a song that will bring you back to a more pure time and raise within you feelings that have been lost as time has passed. Stream it today and don’t forget to get a copy!

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Alle Farben & Janieck – Little Hollywood (KRONO Sunset Remix) [TMN Premiere]

In the dojo we love Fridays. This Friday we wanted to give you something special, so we’ve partnered to premiere KRONO‘s remix of “Little Hollywood” by Alle Farben & Janieck. KRONO ushers in the weekend with a bubbly house record that sets just the right mood for the party.

The weekend is where you let loose and do the things that you want to do. Part of that is enjoying great music like this. KRONO keep things as upbeat as possible with their pop-flavored flip. The newly redefined “Little Hollywood” just puts a smile on your face as though it were some illicit narcotic. Enjoy your first listen in the dojo and if you’re interested, the remix is out in full on digital stores.

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Clovis XIV – Santeria [TMN Premiere]

Clovis XIV

Enter the dojo for a first listen to “Santeria” from Clovis XIV. Released today through Name The Game Recordings, “Santeria” is currently available on digital stores for those looking to have it for themselves.

Clovis XIV’s dynamic single takes you through various styles all in one run. It starts off as a smooth and sexy future production, but that’s just the beginning. Clovis shakes things up as “Santeria” progresses, giving fans a listen they won’t regret. Instead, the most likely scenario is putting this one on repeat and jamming out the rest of the day. It’s well worth the purchase price, so get yourself a copy after your exclusive first listen in this premiere.

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