[Synth Pop] Close To Monday – Lie

Ann and Alexander of Close To Monday are quickly making a name for themselves with their immersive electronic pop sound, drawing comparisons to groups like CHVRCHES and Boy Harsher. Yet, what really sets them apart is their ability to create a soundscape that’s not just about the music. Listening to their tracks, you’re transported to cinematic worlds, reminiscent of the haunting beauty in “Drive” or the neon-lit, futuristic vibes of “Blade Runner”. It’s this blend of sound and imagery that makes their music an experience rather than just a playlist addition.

Now the focus is on “Lie”,  it truly is a story of Ann and Alexander themselves that’s captivating. Their approach to music is like painting a picture, each note adding a stroke of color to their sonic canvas.

Close To Monday has already etched their mark in the music world, earning top spots in the Dutch Alternative Charts and acclaim for their music videos at film festivals in London, Rome, and Paris. This international recognition speaks volumes about their talent in marrying sound with visual artistry.

In essence, Close To Monday are storytellers as much as they are a band. Come join them in a world where music goes beyond sound but also brings you on an experience, a journey through emotions and imagery.

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[Synth Pop] RUNN – If The Devil Is You

Just like the rest of the world that watched the newest season of Stranger Things, RUNN was enamored by the alluring Eddie Munson. The lovable misfit inspired the creation of “If The Devil is You” which follows up from RUNN’s previous solo single “How To Be Happy.”

We knew RUNN could do pop, but this synthy treat is an instant favorite among her incredibly deep discography. What makes this song even more special is that RUNN not only wrote and performed the song, but she produced it herself and released it independently as well. It’s a strong record that will have you falling for it just as easily as we all did for Eddie Munson.

There’s something that Eddie embodied in the show, a misunderstood person, a complex and rough around the edges person, a social reject that really resonated with me. I’ve got a soft spot for people like that, and find that they’re the most loving and passionate people out there. I wanted to write a song to every person who’s ever felt like they weren’t supposed to love who they love, but said “fuck it” and did it anyways.” – RUNN

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[Electronic] Medii – What If This Is All Real LP

The LA meets London duo Medii has planted a major flag on 2022 with the release of their LP What If This Is All Real. The fourteen track project showcases the group’s dynamic talents with influences from electro pop to 80’s, to indie dance and beyond.

The synth-laden throwback vibes that oozes throughout this LP is one of its best qualities. It’s a glue that keeps this album feeling tight throughout. Another highlight that keeps things cohesive despite the wide range of talents involved are the vocals. From front to back What If This Is All Real is packed with memorable performances from the likes of Cat Cayenne, Gemyni, Sidney Blair and more. Medii delivered a massively fun listen that manages to also express emotional sentiments that will make the LP a timeless treat.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2020 Round #2)

’Tora – Call Your Name’
’Denitia – Forever’
’Jack West – The Last Arcade’
’Gravity Circus – Shuteye’
’Jensen McRae – The Plague’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2020 Round #3)

’Worry Club – In My Ear’
’Chinatown Slalom – Just Love’
’lodet – Calling’
’Teenage Priest – Innocent’
’Swaine Delgado – Reason’
’Leebone Phillips – TOO LUCKY’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2020 Round #2)

’Bevan – I Want You’
’Modern Diet – Post Grad’
’Pat Devlin – To Stay’
’Ralph Castelli – Running’
’Honeywhip – Feels Good To Laugh’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2020 Round #3)

’Isaac Winemiller – A Lover’s Haze’
’Govs – Shining Light’
’Miller Blue – Us’
’Faye Webster – In A Good Way’
’Radiant Heart – Museum (with lyrics)’
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