We’re huge fans of Champagne Drip here at The Music Ninja, and getting the chance to premiere something new from this fun producer is always a treat. We’ve got the visuals for his stellar track, “Open Your Eyes”, and they are CRAZY. Created through Hyperspektiv, this video distorts reality into a clash of colors, noise, and sporadic effects that warp perfectly in time with the music. Champagne Drip’s sound fits right in with this trippy type of video production, giving “Open Your Eyes” the full experience of melding song with sight. Interestingly enough, Justin Boreta, who you may know as a third of The Glitch Mob, is a developer for Hyperspektiv. He exclaims,

The goal with Hyperspektiv is to make digital video art easy and accessible. We wanted to make a powerful tool that professionals would want to use, but it’s also easy enough for someone who isn’t tech savvy to enjoy using it. The idea is to have the app itself get out of the way and to dive straight into real-time creativity.

It’s a wild concept all around, so don’t be surprised if you see it pop up more and more. If you’re really feeling this tune, give the Conrank and Kid Froopy remixes a spin also! Be sure to support Champagne Drip on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out the video below and enjoy!

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