Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud

Two of electro house’s best have come together for one slimy premiere from us ninjas. Charlie Darker and Far Too Loud provide “Squirm,” a dirty record that exquisitely balances the two producer’s sounds together. This title single is a part of a two track EP that will be released by Big Beat Records on November 6th.

Sound design is a key element for both CD and FTL, which is blatantly obvious in “Squirm.” From a snails-esque bass, to the gargling synth line, this single has some of the most enticing samples in the game. Electro house is making a comeback, thanks to several acts, but these two producers have been steadily holding the reigns for a long time now. Not only have these two provided an early listen to the entire title track, they have an EP trailer where you get to check out the other single “Nail Gun.”

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