Ark Patrol
Let Go (ft. Veronika Redd)

Redefining all preconceptions of ‘Hawaiian music’, the latest release from island-raised Ark Patrol is both a story for the modern generation interwoven with the traditional sonic elements that encapsulate the serenity of vast ocean surrounds. ‘Let Go’ is a floating experience like no other, gently coaxed along by the dreamy vocals of Veronika Redd and a soothing soundscape that caresses the soul along every twist and turn. So immersive is it all that the blissful tropical surrounds seem within a grasp away, inspiring an almost fanatic need to lunge inside the speakers and pull it out. Nevertheless, like a seashell that has captured the sounds of its origins, there is always consolation knowing that for a fleeting moment, this slice of musical paradise will always be there to transport you to this picturesque scene whenever it is needed.

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