The talented D.C.-based electro/hip-hop producer and remixer, Brenton Duvall, released a six-track compilation on his SoundCloud a couple days ago with the info section simply reading, “Some songs I made from June 2011 til April 2012.” With a combination of hip-hop samples varying from Lupe Fiasco’Hip-Hop Saved My Life  to Drake‘s Doing It Wrong along with his impressive beat abilities, Brenton reminds us of his versatility as an artist. This mini-mixtape is a well-crafted and relaxing collection of songs, some of which would make for perfect rap instrumentals and others that are great to just zone out to. The last cut Orange Juice, stands out with its minimal, chill sound concluding a pleasant listening experience. Stream and download all the tracks below.

’Hip Hop You Saved Me’
’Crew Love’
’Doing it Wrong’
’Better Times’
’Orange Juice’
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