With not the strongest of starts, I was almost worried I would have to close the tab on this song. Yet something just told me to hold on just a couple seconds longer. I am thankful I did. While I may not agree with the new “let’s dubstep everything” trend, I can’t help but to be completely wrapped up by this relaxing dubstep remix of the beautiful and talented singer Daughter (who we constantly feature on The Music Ninja).

Love Thy Brother, the up and coming dubstep duo from Montreal have won us over with their impeccably clean production, attention to the softest of detail and complete care for the vocals of one of indie/folk’s sweethearts. A blissful electronic experiences that still feels very organic with slow crescendos and acoustic breaks.

Download: Youth by Daughter (Love Thy Brother Remix)

’Youth (Love Thy Brother Remix).mp3′
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