Listening to these new tunes from Ennui’s debut album Formation of Tides, I cannot help but feel relaxed. The Pittsburgh synthwave trio has crafted some pretty delightful tunes for a summer’s day, and they all demand repeat playthroughs. Everything about these songs—from the crystal synths and dynamic drumbeat of “We Are Young” to the more verbose and gooey synths of “Ralph”—seems to relax me and leave me wanting more from the band.

Take album-standout track “Coconino.” It hooks you with a catchy melody of watery synths and only builds upon this sound with the vocalist’s charmingly Ra Ra Riot-esque vocals. The catchiness continues on through Ralph, but the band takes a more rock inspired turn and adds some delightful guitar riffs into the equation, and somehow makes the entire experience even more splendid than it already was.

Formation of Tides, the band’s debut album, can be purchased on Groopease for $5. Can’t beat that!

Ennui – Coconino


Ennui – Ralph

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