Charming Horses Remix
Godspeed You (Francesco Rossi Feat. Ozark Henry

As winter dissipates and we inch closer to warmer days, we can’t help but be drawn to songs that remind us of summer. Over the last year, Francesco Rossi has undeniably made major strides as an artists. From Best Artist of the Year nominations, to hit records, the Italian-producers music has infiltrated the airwaves worldwide.

Like the law of gravity, a similar cause and effect relationship occurs with hit songs, there are always remix to follow guaranteed. Up-and-coming duo, Charming Horses, have flown under the radar…until now at least.

Remixing Francesco’s track “Godspeed You,” the charming duo has infused their signature laid-back vibes and a hint of tropical elements. The middle of the week is always a struggle, so why not escape reality for a minute with this enticing new remix. Stream above and start getting ready for the weekend.

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