Night Owl

A little over a week ago, Denmark native, Galimatias sent the internet down to the very depths of the ocean floor with his stunning track, “Ocean Floor Kisses.” We definitely felt as if we were caressing each and every groove found in the elusive abyss beneath us after subjecting our ears to such beauty. Just a few moments ago, Galimatias unleashed his latest original stunner, “Night Owl”, in which we were forced to step back for a moment and truly listen to this on an entirely different cognitive level.

“Night Owl” incorporates a multitude of production elements that collectively exude something truly ethereal. With its futuristic jabby synths, haunting reverberated vocals, and eerie chilled out vibe, Galimatias creates a type of darkness for all of us to emerge ourselves into. “Night Owl” delivers with such finesse and delicacy that collectively polish a side of electronic music we’ve yet to fully appreciate. Before you press play, make sure to turn your chill factor up because you’re about to stay up all night with this one.

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