Cathedral (Dinnerdate Remix)

A beautiful voice and guitar melody could easily be considered as one of the purest forms of music. When hearing the single ‘Cathedral’ from French band Cocoon, that raw talent is palpable, and there’s an inherent feeling that this musical purity should remain untouched by all the other elements of modern electronic music. And yet, add a perfectly crafted beat and bright percussive elements, and suddenly it can all be seen in a new light. Ignore all the negative connotations that are often associated with the word ‘remix’, because what Dinnerdate has created here is an evolution of the original’s beauty, with the raw charm of the vocals and acoustic melody still very much at the heart of it all. More than that, we have here the ultimate chill experience that can only come from this electronic atmosphere fusing in perfect harmony with all the elements that make the original so powerful. It’s truly cleansing stuff, so let your worries wash away in the serene images this sound invokes.

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