Kyla La Grange
Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix)

Norwegian tropical and chill house producer Kygo has been an artist that in the beginning, we developed something of an innocent musical crush. Over the course of some stellar remixes our crush has developed into a full blown love affair, and this latest remix of Kyla La Grange’s “Cut Your Teeth” only pulls us deeper down the obsession tunnel. There is something infectious about the Kygo sound, as he continually displays an innate ability to turn a hook into a full blown groove for the entire tune. Again keeping up with a true hit making formula, Kygo sticks to his guns with the employment of a distinct pan-flute melody over uplifting piano stabs and a bouncy beat. And oh, how beautiful Kyla La Grange’s sticky hot reverberations sound in harmony with such a lovely production style. Apparently we are not alone in our sentiments as Kygo has reached over 100,000 fans on Facebook as well as selling out a first ever live performance in Paris, leading to another free giveaway to those committed legions of fans. Take home a digital copy here.

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