Lana Del Rey
Black Beauty (Dinnerdate Remix)

Evolving one’s style and experimenting with new sounds is never an easy time for artists in the producing game. With all the excitement of exploration comes the risk of never being satisfied with the results or getting lost in a state of seemingly endless indirection. As is the case with most things in life though, the rewards are out there for those willing to take the leap, and for that we have this official remix from TMN favorite Dinnerdate as a shining example. It’s intimidating enough to take on the incredible talent of Lana’s vocals under normal circumstances, but to do so while carving out a fresh signature feel is a remarkable feat. The outcome speaks for itself, and the chills are still resonating from the first time this buttery mix graced our ears.

For those familiar with our previous features from Simon, don’t expect the usual deep house groove you may have grown accustomed to. As much as we’ve enjoyed all his past releases, nothing comes close to the pleasure of hearing someone have the courage to expand their repertoire and absolutely nail it. We won’t ruin the surprise for you, so all you need to know is that this one is sexy as hell. The perfect treatment for Lana’s voice that leaves us brimming with anticipation for what he’ll come up with next.


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