Stay (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

After a sensational break out first single, Monarch has been making quite the buzz around the music world and we’re just here to keep that fire burning as long as we can. With their most recent exposure, Monarch has caught the attention of producers from all over, specifically a TMN favorite, Kill Them With Colour. The Toronto producers (like Monarch) have been receiving a lot of love from the blogging community as well as those on Hype Machine. Since racking up a number of plays on their SoundCloud, Kill Them With Colour is back and this time with a chilly new remix for our Monarch boys and their single, “Stay”.

After listening through this a few times, it’s clear to us that we can’t help but stay hooked on both of these artists. As soon as you press play, we are introduced with a haunting melody, crippling reverberated synths, and pulsating rhythms full of bass. Needless to say, we can’t keep our ears away from this one and neither will you.

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