Oh Wonder
White Blood

We’re always excited for the first of the month because, besides pay day, it also means there’s new music from Oh Wonder. Since unveiling their debut track back in September and subsequently releasing monthly tracks for a year leading up to their album, the UK vocalists/production duo have been amassing an enormous following, seemingly growing with each release. The fact that they’ve already got sold out shows booked, stands as a testament to the power of the Internet to empower independent artists.

This morning, we get “White Blood,” which continues to expand on their aesthetic. While tracks have varied in tempo, “Lose It” probably being the most upbeat, they’ve all maintained the emotional, duet vocals that make their sound so enticing. Their latest falls more on the downtempo side of things slowly building with gorgeous piano and subdued percussion. Give it a listen above. “White Blood” is tenth track they’ve released thus far meaning we’ve only got a couple more to go before their debut drops on September 4th. As we await the next track, due out on July 1st, we’ll be spending plenty of time on their Soundcloud page.

P.S. Oh Wonder also left a note in the Soundcloud description to learn more about the story behind the artwork for this single provided by Steven Keating at their website.

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