Zack The Lad
Mek Dem (Rvdical The Kid Version)

Rvdical The Kid provides us with an ethereal trap flip of Zack The Lad‘s “Mek Dem”. I have been seeing a bit of buzz about Zack The Lad lately, and rumors tell that it’s an alias of the dubstep producer Trolley Snatcha. Not sure if Trolley was going for a rebranding, or if he’s been feeling chill stuff lately. Whatever the situation may be, we’re loving it. Rvdical The Kid is a favorite among the Flow-Fi collective, and the stutters on this track remind me a bit of his Flow-Fi fam P A T H. Originally from Cotonou, Benin (West Africa,) and currently located out of Maryland- Rvdical The Kid is an international mad man. I took a moment to chat with him, and asked him what inspires him to remix a song. “When it comes to remixes, what inspires me the most is when I completely understand where the artist was going with the song. So a remix for me is like… ‘why don’t we go this way instead?'” He definitely brought a whole knew light to “Mek Dem”, and I am loving the glitchy stuttered approach!

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