Becky Jones, AKA The massively successful Groove Armada’s singer, has recently released some corking solo tracks under the name Saint Saviour, including ‘This Ain’t No Hymn’, which has been remix by London breakstep producer RuN RiOT. Jones’ ethereal vocals, like a subdued Kate Bush, are given space to resonate in this sparse remix, which adds some fantastic rhythms to the gentle calm of the original, making it more club-friendly whilst keeping a relaxed feel to ‘This Ain’t No Hymn’. Becky Jones and RuN RiOT are both up-and-coming talents, and on the basis of this track, more than deserve the fame and acclaim that should be coming their way very soon. The original version of ‘This Ain’t No Hymn’ is featured on Saint Saviour’s new EP ‘Anatomy’, available through

Saint Saviour – This Ain’t No Hymn (RuN RiOT Remix)

’Saint Saviour – This Ain’t No Hymn (RuN RiOT Remix)’


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