Just like with any genre of music, you’re going to have artists interpret it in a number of different ways. One of our favorite trends right now, is chill, melodic dubstep. Sometimes it’s nice to hear the complete opposite of a hard, jarring dubstep track from someone like Skrillex or Excision.

Below you have two tracks from FRNKNSTYN, which definitely exemplifies chill dubstep. This New Zealand based producer has a sound similar to Minnesota, or LoBounce, but still has a unique sound. We came across these courtesy of Dubstep.net, and couldn’t be happier. Both tracks have enchanting vocals, trancy synth, but still have heavy bassline wobbles that make you bob your head.

Resonation – Away From Here, From You (FRNKNSTYN Remix) by FRNKNSTYN


’Notion by FRNKNSTYN.mp3′
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