School of Seven Bells has proven over the years that they are nothing but a solid dream-electro band. With the New York based band’s last album Disconnect From Desire, the group built upon their previous success and emerged an even stronger band in my opinion. Brooklyn based electro-artists and producers Sepalcure pulled the already chilly “Babelonia” from it, and threw it into a snow storm.

The remix, while not immediately danceable, is a perfect tune for those moments of intense working or coding. The beats—which are elegantly spaced out—occupy that brilliant line between house and chillwave, and perfectly add to the smooth, melodic synthesizers. It’s something almost completely different from it’s source material, and yet it manages to drag me gleefully into it’s chilly soundscape again and again.

School of Seven Bells – Babelonia (Sepalcure Remix)

’Babelonia (Sepalcure Remix)’

[via xlr8r]

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