You are in for a hip/hop ride like never before when you listen to the latest album of one of Canada’s finest and yet most underrated producer/rapper Classified. Right away you can tell his a producer first and rapper second, as the quality and refinement of each beat on every track is to put it simply‚Ķ freaking dope! He brings an out of the box lyrical approach of storytelling where through a series of tracks prefixed with “Choose Your Own Adventure” he raps the events that happened to him in a normal day, each scenario accompanied by a different beat and style. To describe his style you would have to listen to artists like Jay-Z and Mike Shinoda’s side project Fort Minor.

Each track is submerged in genuine life themes that come through as sincere as he expresses them. Classified is not a higher than life artist, spitting game and bragging about girls, money and fame like most mainstream rappers do. He is about being at par with life and its situations from a grounded and hopeful positive perspective. I’ve been blogging about music and selecting my favorite from albums for a while now and it truly pains me to select just a couple of songs to share from this epic album. We’ll definitely start with the first song I heard from Classified titled “Quit While You’re Ahead” and just to show his range in style I am also posting the slow, mellow, sad and yet motivational song “Inspiration” . “Choose Your Own Adventure 3” is one of out a 6 part series of track that complete a storytelling adventure.

Classified – Quit While Your Ahead

’Quit While Your Ahead’


Classified – Inspiration<3 hypem



Classified – Choose Your Own Adventure 3 – <3 hypem

’Choose Your Own Adventure 3′


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