Ann and Alexander of Close To Monday are quickly making a name for themselves with their immersive electronic pop sound, drawing comparisons to groups like CHVRCHES and Boy Harsher. Yet, what really sets them apart is their ability to create a soundscape that’s not just about the music. Listening to their tracks, you’re transported to cinematic worlds, reminiscent of the haunting beauty in “Drive” or the neon-lit, futuristic vibes of “Blade Runner”. It’s this blend of sound and imagery that makes their music an experience rather than just a playlist addition.

Now the focus is on “Lie”,  it truly is a story of Ann and Alexander themselves that’s captivating. Their approach to music is like painting a picture, each note adding a stroke of color to their sonic canvas.

Close To Monday has already etched their mark in the music world, earning top spots in the Dutch Alternative Charts and acclaim for their music videos at film festivals in London, Rome, and Paris. This international recognition speaks volumes about their talent in marrying sound with visual artistry.

In essence, Close To Monday are storytellers as much as they are a band. Come join them in a world where music goes beyond sound but also brings you on an experience, a journey through emotions and imagery.

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