Weightless rain drops of electronic pop sprinkling down from melodic clouds to fill your ear with the proper nourishment you’ve been longing. Ghost in the Water’s calm and soothing sound can either lift you up from many of your worries as you wake up early on a beautiful Monday morning or bring back haunted memories as you reminisce the past. Whatever the side effect may be, Ghost in the Water is definitely a duo worth checking out. Their song “A Nightmare” rich in melodic bells with small doses of glitchs and taps, soft in sound yet powerful in emotion captivated me to check out their album “Tooth”. Some of their songs remind me of the mellower songs of jimmy tamborello project’s dntel. I have also included a couple of remixes I came across while I getting more info about them.

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Have a wonderful Monday!

A Nightmare – Ghost in the Water

”A Nightmare”


Pushpins And Tape (Car Crash Mix)

”Pushpins And Tape (Car Crash Mix)”


I’m Not Afraid of Falling – Ghost in the Water

”I’m Not Afraid of Falling”


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