Ten years back, who’d imagine a simple meet-up on a Rutgers University park bench would be the start of an iconic musical journey? That’s exactly how Cold Weather Company, a trio from New Jersey, started. They’ve recently dropped their awaited single, “Will Tomorrow Ever Come,” on Friday, August 11, and the rest is history.

Meet Steve Shimchick, Jeff Petescia, and Brian Curry. More than just bandmates, these guys have dished out 60+ songs across four albums, showcasing their multi-talented musical skills. Their latest track is soulful, catchy, and deeply moving. Taking cues from the HBO series, The Last Of Us, this song tells a story that might ring a bell, especially if you know their collab with Italian music duo, Mathame. They previously co-worked on “Tomorrow,” a standout track on Mathame’s album, MEMO. But this latest version has a fresh, new twist with the piano and guitar taking center stage.

“Will Tomorrow Ever Come” is a team effort. Written with Mathame’s Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli, it also boasts Riley Byrne’s bass and Shane Luckenbaugh’s drum work. Recorded by Pat Noon at Eight16 and mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen, it’s a true testament to their dedication.

But the trio isn’t just about the writing itself. Their journey, from dorm room jam sessions to bigger stages, shows a blend of their unique styles. Steve, Jeff, and Brian mix their backgrounds, musical tastes, and personalities, as evident in their guitar-piano set-up. Their concerts are a mix of alt-folk with an electric spark, thanks to additional instruments.

Nearly a decade in, Cold Weather Company’s passion is as strong as ever. With talk of more tracks, gigs, and a new album in 2024, it’s clear: their musical adventure is far from over.

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