Cat”a*clasm\ n. A breaking asunder; a violent disruption.

The creative process is a fickle beast. There are countless factors that can adversely affect you – from work, to romance, to the very environment that surrounds you. We certainly understand these trials and tribulations, to a degree, even though what we’re doing is on a much simpler level than creating music.

Crywolf recently experienced a collective of aforementioned factors, which lead him to do something completely outside the box. Yes, plenty of artists, whether they be writers, painters, or musicians, have gone to a secluded spot, far away from society, to draw some inspiration. Few have chosen to fly halfway across the globe to obtain said inspiration. The end result for Crywolf is a body of work known as Cataclasm, which was written in a village in Iceland.


At the beginning of this year, I started feeling super discontent with where I was musically and creatively in general. I felt stifled from being so deep in the music industry – felt so much pressure to be so many things I wasn’t. I decided to get away for a month and a half to a cabin in the remote Icelandic village of Bildudalur, population 65, to intensively write and record the skeleton for my debut album. What I returned with was more than I could have dreamed of, and I am ridiculously proud of it.

Fans of Crywolf will once again find themselves pleasantly lost in the vast soundscapes, and that gorgeous vocal tone that they’ve come to love and appreciate over the years. Those who haven’t crossed paths with this brilliant, young musician, will have their eyes and ears perk up at the hauntingly beautiful collection of songs.

To highlight this life and art-changing experience, Crywolf has put together a mini documentary series, which kicks off here, today, on The Music Ninja. The song featured in the video is “Rising, Rising,” which will be found on this upcoming LP.

I wanted you guys to be able to follow me on this journey, to be able to see everything that went into this album; the trip to get there, the process of sourcing equipment, the isolation, the moments of inspiration, everything. One chapter of the series will be released with each of the singles from the album, each one named after a different Icelandic stave, which were symbols used in 17th century Iceland thought to have magical powers.

The first episode, Lásabrjótur (Lock-breaker), represents breaking free of the norms and standards that I am used to in my music. It documents the process of getting to Iceland, sourcing equipment, and trying not to freeze to death.

Photo credits: Elise Mackay

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