TastyTreat x Red Milk
It's You

There seems to be a wave of adorable music going around and we have been nothing but receptive to this new trend. Ever since the Wave Racer frenzy infiltrated itself into our music culture, many artists have been playing around with this incredibly addictive style of sound. Artists from all sorts of genres have started to stray away from the aggressive side of resonance and have been infuzing their tracks with a lethal amount of happiness.

Two such artists that have been making ‘cute music’ an actual genre are Tasty Treat and Red Milk. The three producers have proven that trap music isn’t solely an outlet to ‘turn down for what’. but rather they have given us music that makes you want to run around in fields of flowers with that extra special someone. This week, Tasty Treat and Red Milk put out a new original track, “It’s You”, and made us rethink the definition of ‘adorable’. The combination of  the wavey chord progressions, chopped vocals, and sexy basslines, we obviously have one thing to say to this trio – it’s you. This track will automatically make your day immensly brighter, so prepare to smile and groove to these heavenly beats until you literally can’t even anymore.

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